Student Conduct and Advocacy

Formerly known as Judicial Affairs & Student Advocacy

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Student Conduct and Advocacy helps maintain a just, safe and orderly campus for the UB community. We establish rules and regulations for the community, manage a variety of disciplinary processes, oversee community service sanctions and provide support and resources to students.

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The health and safety of UB students is our first priority. The Good Samaritan Policy eliminates disciplinary consequences for you and the people you are with if you call for help when drinking or using drugs.
UB students are members of a community and are required to know the rules and regulations. This is why you are required to read and affirm the Student Code of Conduct when you first start at UB. By knowing and following these rules, regulations and guidelines, you can significantly improve your chances of being successful and positively contributing to the community while you are here.
If you have been the victim of a bias-related incident — or you know of an incident that has occurred — we encourage you to take the appropriate steps. 
The State University of New York at Buffalo is committed to clear and concise policies on substance abuse, and a strong program of counseling, treatment, rehabilitation and re-entry programs for all campus University employees and students.
Unanticipated circumstances can prevent students from continuing their education and achieving academic success.  UB has resources to connect students to emergency funding through two unique resources. 


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Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.