Violations and the Conduct Process

If you are accused of violating a rule or regulation, you will be required to go through the conduct process.

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Violations and Sanctions

Students found responsible for a violation may be subject to a variety of sanctions, including warnings, probation, community service or long-term suspensions. While there may be consequences for your actions, our goal is that you find the student conduct process educational.

Who Will Handle My Case?

The Director of Student Conduct typically determines who will manage the disciplinary process for your incident. The options include (but are not limited to) Campus Living staff for certain housing-related violations, computing (UB Information Technology) for certain computer-related violations, the Student-Wide Judiciary and an Administrative Hearing.

Student-Wide Judiciary

The Student-Wide Judiciary is a student-led body that handles violations of the Student Code of Conduct, as well as disputes involving student governments and elections. Students accused of violating the rules and regulations may be asked to contact or appear before the Student-Wide Judiciary.

Administrative Hearing

Certain violations may be addressed through an Administrative Hearing, including all Title IX, Violence Against Women’s Act and sexual violence/misconduct cases. You may be involved in an Administrative Hearing as an accused student, reporting party or as a witness. If you are involved in an Administrative Hearing, we encourage you to read the Administrative Hearing Procedures so that you know what to expect throughout the hearing process.

If you are arrested or charged with a crime, you may have to go through the university conduct process and the city or town’s legal system. University conduct proceedings are separate from any legal proceedings that you may face.

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