Student-Wide Judiciary

The Student-Wide Judiciary (SWJ) is part of the University conduct process and is made up of Hearing Representatives and Student Justices.

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The Student-Wide Judiciary Process

Here, you will find a brief overview of the Student-Wide Judiciary process. For a more thorough explanation, please refer to the full Student-Wide Judiciary Rules of Procedure.

If you do not comply throughout the process, a disciplinary hold may be placed on your student account.


The Student-Wide Judiciary may have jurisdiction over numerous University-related issues, including:

  • Violations of the Student Code of Conduct and other University rules and regulations
  • Student elections
  • Disputes between student governments

An Alternative to the Student-Wide Judiciary

If you prefer not to meet with the Student-Wide Judiciary, you can request an Administrative Hearing. In an Administrative Hearing, campus administrators would decide your case. You can ask about this option in your initial meeting with the Student-Wide Judiciary, or contact the Director of Student Conduct.

Get an Advisor for Hearings

A University hearing is a student conduct matter, not a criminal proceeding. You are not required to have an advisor or lawyer, but you have the right to be assisted by an advisor of your choosing throughout the conduct process. An advisor can help you prepare for your hearings, and may also attend the hearings with you. You are not required to have an advisor — it’s your choice.

Get Involved with the Student-Wide Judiciary

Student Justice positions are responsible for conducting reviews or conducting hearing panels with students.  Positions are open to any major/class level.

University Hearing Representatives are responsible for drafting complaints and conducting student hearings. Positions are open to current law students.

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