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Whatever your career path may be, leadership skills can help you make a greater impact, get promoted faster, and reach your full potential. Whether you’re brand new to leadership — or you have years of experience — you’ll discover a variety of opportunities to improve your skills, from one-time workshops to certificate programs and much more.

  • 8/23/21
    Get a deeper understanding of topics related to leadership, service and student development by attending the LEAD UB Conference.
  • 8/12/21
    Thinking about improving your skills as a leader but you're not sure where to start? Attend Leadership Training Camp!
  • 8/23/21
    Elevate your leadership skills. Network with and learn from experts in the field. Build professional relationships with other student leaders at UBuffalo. Together, we lead.
  • 9/8/16
    Gain confidence. Build interpersonal skills. Get resume-worthy experience. Discover how you can make a positive, lasting change as a leader.
  • 5/19/21
    Learn more about yourself and others through Extended DISC - an assessment that identifies a person’s strengths,  preferred behaviors, motivations and communication style. It is a valuable tool to leverage your knowledge about working in teams.