Leadership House

Get access to exclusive leadership opportunities, learn how to thrive in a professional setting, and work with outstanding mentors to get the most out of your time at UB.

About Leadership House

Leadership House is a highly selective leadership development program that is only open to first-year students attending the University at Buffalo.

On This Page:

This program is designed to make sure students get the most out of their time at UBuffalo, providing members with opportunities to gain and improve leadership skills, put those skills into action, network with successful Leadership House alumni, and establish a supportive community of peers.

This experience is great for students who...

  • Want to become a more confident leader
  • Are excited to learn and grow as a person
  • Hope to be successful in their chosen career path

For 27 years, Leadership House has been a go-to place for first-year students hoping to advance their leadership skills and become more confident and capable leaders. Challenge yourself to make the most out of your first year at UBuffalo by applying for this incredible experience.

Apply for Leadership House

Leadership House is a competitive program, but our application process is simple! Think of it as an opportunity for us to get to know who you are. 

We will ask for some basic information (name, email, etc.) and a response to the question, "why should we choose you for Leadership House?" through a media of your choice. This could be through a video, a poem, or even a copy of your most recent resume!

The online application should take about 2 minutes to complete. The length of time you spend on your response is entirely up to you!

Important Deadlines

Each year, we'll offer two different deadlines for applicants. Applying for early action gives accepted students the opportunity to live in our exclusive Leadership House community. This deadline passed on May 19. Students can also apply by our regular decision deadline, but students accepted at this deadline in July won't have the opportunity to live in our community.

Regular Decision Deadline

  • Sunday, July 14 at 11:59 p.m. EST

If you have questions regarding the program or the application, please email our office.

Learn More

From finding your best friends and mentoring new students as a Peer Mentor to making a positive and lasting impact on UB's campus, Leadership House offers a wide range of opportunities and experiences to our students. Check out some of what you can expect in the tabs below!

The Experience Requirements FAQs

Find Success

In Leadership House, you’ll live and learn with students who are interested in improving their leadership skills, allowing them to be more successful in their chosen career paths. You’ll find support from peers, attend leadership retreats and workshops, connect with our network of 780+ alumni, and jump-start your leadership development journey.

Recent Leadership House students have...

  • Been elected as President and Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Association
  • Been elected as President and Director of Communications of the Residence Hall Association Executive Board
  • Co-lead an Alternative Break trip
  • Served as Resident Advisors, Community Assistants, and Academic Assistants in residence halls all across campus
  • Won SUNY Chancellor's Awards for Student Excellence
  • Been honored with several different distinctions and awards at their graduation ceremonies
  • Made a positive impact on UB and Buffalo's communities

From medical school to law school, SpaceX to Facebook, our students are trendsetters, innovators, and leaders in all that they do.

Learn to Lead

Leadership House is a year-long commitment, with one required course each semester. Here are some of the topics that we cover in these courses:

Fall Semester - UBE 102

  • Getting involved on and off campus
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Addressing conflict
  • Individual leadership strengths
  • Becoming global citizens

Spring Semester - UBE 496

  • Establishing common purpose in communities
  • Leading successful teams
  • Advocating effectively for social change
  • Creative problem-solving and innovation

Through the study and practice of leadership, you will acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to become an effective, collaborative leader in a global society.

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