Leadership House

Get access to exclusive leadership opportunities, learn how to thrive in a professional setting, and work with outstanding mentors to get the most out of your time at UB.

About Leadership House

Leadership House is a leadership-based living-learning community for first-year students attending the University at Buffalo. We accept 30 students each year to participate in this one of a kind program and provide them with opportunities to improve their leadership skills, network with influential leaders on and off campus, and make a difference in their community. Students will live with other leaders, learn with other leaders, and be an active and engaged student on campus!

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Live with Other Leaders

Students who are accepted into Leadership House live together on a specific residence hall floor in Dewey Hall in the Governors Complex on UB’s North Campus. You’ll gain valuable skills and experiences to add to your resume or Co-Curricular Transcript, and you’ll be paired with an upperclass mentor who lived in Leadership House so they can help guide you throughout the year.

In Leadership House, you’ll live with students who are interested in improving their leadership skills, allowing them to be more successful in their chosen career paths. Here, you’ll find support from peers, attend leadership retreats and workshops, connect with our network of 600+ alumni, and jumpstart your leadership development journey.

“Leadership House made the UB campus seem much smaller since I had instantly made 29 other friends.” 

– Former Leadership House resident

Learn Together

As part of the Leadership House program, you’ll be encouraged to spend time learning about yourself, others and your community as you enhance your leadership abilities and potential. Students in Leadership House enroll in the same leadership courses and participate in a variety of other learning activities designed exclusively for them. 

Leadership House is a year-long commitment, with one required class each semester. During the fall semester, you’ll learn about different leadership skills and strategies and  how they relate to your own leadership journey so you can better prepare yourself for future leadership opportunities. The spring semester course focuses on applying your leadership skills, learning about leadership opportunities on campus, connecting with the community through networking opportunities, and creating change through a community engagement project. Through the study and practice of leadership, you will acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to become an effective, collaborative leader in a global society.

Be an Active, Engaged Student

Campus involvement is an essential part of the Leadership House experience, which is why you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a certificate program focused on leadership development, community and civic engagement, and experiential learning. Leadership House students also participate in various student clubs, organizations, and experiences on and off campus. Together, these experiences help you build new leadership skills, give back to the community and make a positive impact during your first year at UB.


Interested in participating in Leadership House? Here’s what will be expected of you:

  • Be a first-year student (any major)
  • Live in the Leadership House residence hall (Dewey Hall in the Governors Complex on UB’s North Campus)
  • Enroll in two credit-bearing leadership courses (fall and spring)
  • Attend Leadership House orientation on move-in day
  • Attend both the fall and spring Leadership House retreats
  • Be an active member of the community by participating in required events
  • Challenge yourself to demonstrate leadership by taking initiative to get involved outside of Leadership House
  • Respect the diversity of the UB community and your Leadership House peers
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Apply to Leadership House

As part of the application process, you will be prompted to provide some basic demographic information, as well as a virtual personal statement through a media of your choice. More information on these options will be provided in the application. (Technical requirements: a valid email address and a computer with a built in web camera/attachable web camera and voice recording capabilities [i.e., microphone].)

Once you have completed your application, look for an email from Student Engagement with more information! If chosen to move forward in the next round of the selection process, you will be contacted to schedule a phone interview with a Student Engagement staff member.

Apply Today!

Applications for the 2021-2022 Leadership House program are open! Start your leadership journey here.

If you have questions regarding the program or the application process, please contact Sarah Schauer, LEAD Coordinator – Leadership Education at (716) 645-6469 or email our office.

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