Life on Campus

students talking on campus.

Here, you’ll find nearly everything you need for life outside of the classroom — from campus essentials to student clubs and organizations.

  • Living and Dining
    Find your new home on- or off-campus, see what (and where) you’ll eat, and learn about shopping at UB.  
  • Health and Wellness
    There is a strong connection between your well-being and academic success. With intentional emphasis on health promotion; emotional and mental support and the delivery of high-quality medical services, we help foster a vibrant and healthy campus community. 
  • Community and Safety
    Here, you’re part of a diverse, welcoming community. We encourage you to understand the rules that apply, and know what is expected from you as a UB student.
  • Clubs, Activities and Events
    Your college experience shouldn't just be filled with academics. Make friends, pursue your passions, and gain experience with extra-curricular activities.
  • That UB Life
    Join host and alum Peter Johnson as he explores the UB experience, uncovering the people and places that make our university unique. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, see it all on That UB Life