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Join host and alum Peter Johnson as he explores the UB experience, uncovering the people and places that make our university unique. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, see it all on That UB Life

"As a student, I lived that UB life and I'm excited for you to join me as we explore these True Blue campus experiences together - Let's go!"

Behind the Scenes

It's not all about the show! Take a peek at what goes on behind the scenes at the Center for the Arts.

See What's Cooking

Take a spin through Crossroads Culinary Center to see all the unique dining options.

Taking the Stage

Lights, Camera, Action! So many unique performers have taken the stage in the Center for the Arts.

GRoW Place Like Home

Built by students, the GRoW Clean Energy Center is helping UB reach its sustainability goals.

Instagrammable Inspiration

It's a concert venue, it's a photo op, it's Baird Point!  An iconic campus landmark with an interesting past to discover. 

On-Campus Oasis

Need to get away? A quiet island retreat and a little piece of Japan are closer than you think. 

Your Favorite Food on Wheels

Mac and cheese, tater tots, and sandwiches, oh my! Serving up tasty lunch options at a sidewalk near you, it's Big Blue, and Little Blue too.

Bike Anywhere, Anytime

Along the creek and through the woods to your afternoon class you go. Why walk when you can ride?

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