DISCover Yourself and Others

A sociology class, led by Julia Schoonover, is held in a newly renovated room, 120 Clemens Hall in September 2019.

Learn more about yourself and others through Extended DISC - an assessment that identifies a person’s strengths, preferred behaviors, motivations and communication style. 

What is DISC?

Extended DISC is a behavioral assessment tool designed to enhance self-awareness and improve interpersonal dynamics. It is based on the principles of the DISC model, which categorizes behavior into four main styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Extended DISC goes beyond traditional DISC assessments by allowing for a more nuanced and individualized understanding of one's behavioral preferences.

On This Page

Extended DISC can be a valuable resource in various aspects of personal and academic life. By identifying your preferred communication and learning styles, you can gain insights into how you interact with peers, navigate group projects, and approach academic challenges. This heightened self-awareness can contribute to more effective communication, collaboration, and overall personal development during your college experience and beyond.

How Does It Work?

Our DISC workshops are intended for students and student groups interested in learning about themselves and how to work more effectively in teams. We've completed workshops for organizations, classes, and individuals who are curious to know more about their behavioral and leadership styles.

UB faculty and staff can request a similar DISC workshop through Organizational Development and Training.

How to Request a Program

Step 1. Plan Ahead

  • All programs require at least two weeks advance notice
  • Teams should have at least 10 attendees and can schedule a DISC training that includes a debrief of results and a workshop that explores how to work more effectively with one another leveraging DISC (the minimum length of a DISC workshop is 2 hours – maximum is 3 hours).
  • Individual students can schedule a DISC debrief with a certified Student Engagement staff member to review results (meetings typically last an hour)

Step 2: Fill Out the Request Form Below

Step 3. We Will Contact You to Confirm

  • When your request is received, we will contact you to coordinate details and confirm the time, date, and location for your program. Your request is not confirmed until you are contacted by one of our staff members.

Additional Information

DISC Assessments are $15/person and must be paid directly to UB through a secured ePay link (credit card only). A payment link will be provided by a Student Engagement staff member after the workshop or meeting time has been confirmed.

Participants will receive a one-time-use code to take the assessment. One of our trained staff members will then facilitate the program for you or your group, breaking down the meaning behind the assessments and discussing how this knowledge can be used to build and lead effective teams.

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