Community Service

If you are assigned community service as a sanction from the Student-Wide Judiciary, administrative hearings, Campus Living or local municipal courts, you will likely be referred to Student Conduct and Advocacy to complete your community service.

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8/25/20 Community Service Coordination Temporarily Suspended

Community service coordination for students who are sanctioned through the Student-Wide Judiciary, administrative hearings, Campus Living or local municipal courts is suspended for the fall semester. Students who were assigned community service prior to the fall semester received instructions over the summer. If you have a question about community service that has already been assigned, contact the campus referral source or local court directly.

This information is only for students who are required to perform community service because of conduct or judicial sanctions. If this does not apply to you, please search for volunteer opportunities available through the Student Services Gateway.

About Community Service

Community service is a disciplinary sanction that requires a student to perform unpaid work of benefit to the community, providing an opportunity for students to make a positive contribution. Student Conduct and Advocacy administers community service sanctions assigned to students by various sources.

How to Complete Your Community Service

All students are required to meet with the Community Service Coordinator before beginning their work.

If You Do Not Complete Your Community Service

When you receive your community service sanction, you will also receive information about the deadline for completing your community service. Your hours must be completed within this timeframe.

Failure to complete your assignment before the appropriate deadlines will likely result in a disciplinary hold. A disciplinary hold prevents you from adding, dropping or resigning from courses. If you receive a disciplinary hold, you must contact the Community Service Coordinator to resolve it.

If Your Community Service Provider Is Not Responding

Please contact Student Conduct and Advocacy as soon as possible if you are unable to contact your site supervisor, or if your supervisor is not responding.  We may be able to help you contact the site supervisor and resolve any issues before your deadline.

Community Service Providers

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