Student-Wide Judiciary

There are two unique opportunities for students to volunteer and participate with the Student-Wide Judiciary.

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Involvement Opportunities

The Student-Wide Judiciary (SWJ) is part of the University conduct process and is made up of Hearing Representatives and Student Justices. Each involvement opportunity is a volunteer role and requires only a small time commitment per week.

Hearing Representatives

Hearing Representatives facilitate the SWJ process when a student has been referred to the Student-Wide Judiciary for a violation of the Student Code of Conduct or other University rules and regulations. The responsibilities of Hearing Representatives include drafting complaints with charges, facilitating hearings, and offering plea agreements that may include sanctions. Hearing Representatives can be any graduate student enrolled in the School of Law. Students studying criminal justice or higher education law may find this opportunity especially interesting.

Student Justices

Student Justices conduct reviews at the end of the SWJ process to ensure that a fair and reasonable process was held. A review also confirms that any agreement reached regarding a student’s responsibility for a violation, including any sanctions, is appropriate. When agreements are not reached, Student Justices may hold hearing panels to determine responsibility and sanctions. Student Justices may also hold hearing panels for student government disputes. Student Justices can be any enrolled undergraduate or graduate student. The role may be particularly of interest to a student that is considering a degree or career in law.

Share Your Interest

Being a Hearing Representative or a Student Justice allows you to contribute to student conduct processes and determinations that are fair and just, gives you practical, hands on experience, and offers the opportunity to work directly with UB staff in Student Conduct. Interested students should complete an interest form.


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