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Educational records about your behavior are confidential. If you want your records released, simply follow the process explained on this page.

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What is a Student Conduct Record Check?

A student conduct record check, sometimes referred to as a background check or disciplinary record check, is the release of educational information about your behavior to a designated third-party source. While these records are private, you may choose to release them to a third party that is requesting them. A student conduct record check may be requested for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Applying or transferring to a new school
  • Applying for a job
  • Court orders or subpoenas
  • Government investigations
  • Professional character and fitness review

Reportable Student Behavior

Your student conduct record check will include reportable student behavior. Behavior is reportable if you were found responsible for violating a rule or regulation of the university through the student conduct process.

Students: Request a Record Check

Third parties requesting a record check often provide you with a form that you need to complete and submit. Such documents often require a signature from the student. If you have a record check form from a third party, please:

  1. Complete the student section of the form.
  2. Sign the form to authorize the release of your records if that is required.
  3. Request a student conduct record check from Student Conduct with any necessary signed documentation attached.
Student Account Holds

Some student account holds may prevent the release of student records. To review any holds on your account, visit your HUB Student Center via MyUB.

Third Parties: Initiate a Record Check

Third parties may contact Student Conduct to request a student contact record check and should include:

  • Name of requesting agency or organization
  • Agency address, email, phone number and fax number
  • Student’s full name, date of birth and UB person number
  • A signed release from the student or former student

Requests should also include a specific description of what information is needed along with instructions for return (i.e., mailed or electronic).

You can request a student conduct record check using the form below.

Photo Identification

Government investigators must present a valid photo ID.

Request a Student Conduct Record Check

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