Appointment Verification Policy

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It is each student’s responsibility to meet all course and work requirements that are set by their instructors and supervisors. In the event that a student feels that they are too ill to fulfill academic or work obligations, the student must communicate with their instructor/supervisor directly.

Policy Information

  • Unit: Student Health Services 
  • Date Established: 01/30/2020
  • Date Last Updated: 07/6/2023

Policy Statement

Student Health Services will not formally excuse a student from class or work with a written note, except in the case of serious illness or public health concern. If a student feels that they are too ill to attend class, take an exam, go to work, or complete an assignment, the student must notify their instructor and/or supervisor.

If the student has an appointment with Student Health Services, the student should request an Appointment Verification note at the time of the visit. The student can show this to their instructor or supervisor upon request.

Instructors and/or supervisors have the authority to determine whether they will accept a personal report of illness as a valid excuse.

Student Health Services cannot provide Appointment Verification note for illnesses or injuries that occurred in the past, nor for illnesses or injuries that were not treated by our office.



  • Communicate with course instructors if you are unable to attend class or complete an assignment or test.
  • Communicate with supervisors if you are unable to fulfill work obligations.


  • If the need arises to miss class, a test, an assignment, or work obligations, communicate with the instructor or supervisor.
  • If the instructor or supervisor requires details of your illness to excuse you from academic obligations, request an Appointment Verification note at the time of your appointment at Student Health Services, which you can then show to your instructor or supervisor.


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