Sexual Health

Not all college students are sexually active. However, if you are, here are a couple things you should know to stay safe and healthy.

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Free Safer Sex Supplies

Health Promotion Office Closed 5/20-7/1

Due to Student Union construction, the Health Promotion office will be closed from 5/20-7/1. Safe sex supplies will be available during this time in 240 Student Union (Intercultural and Diversity Center). 

Students who live on-campus can request free safer sex supplies, including: internal and external condoms, dental dams, and personal lubricant. Supplies will be delivered to your on-campus mailbox in a plain manila envelope. 

Students who live off-campus can request the same supplies via the same form below. Orders will be confirmed and instructions for pickup provided to your UB email address. 

Condom Broke? Unprotected Sex?

If you're worried that you may be pregnant or have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) after unprotected sex, consider making an appointment with Student Health Services.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception (Levonorgestrel Tablet; the generic of Plan B) can be purchased from the Wellness vending machines located in the Student Union, and the Ellicott Complex Food Court. Off-campus pharmacies also sell emergency contraception.

> If you need emergency contraception because you have been sexually assaulted, learn what to do after a sexual assault.

Sexual Violence Survivor Support

Have you experienced stalking, domestic violence or sexual violence and are unsure of your options? The Crisis Services Campus Advocate is here to help any UB student, faculty or staff member! 

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing

If you are (or have been) sexually active in any way it is important to be aware of your sexual health status. Health status is important if you’re engaging in sexual activities without the use of protective barrier methods or if you’re with multiple partners. Please review and follow the testing guidelines.

Get Tested

If you possibly have a sexually transmitted infection, or want to know your health status, make an appointment with a health care provider. We offer testing and treatment for a variety of STIs, including:

•    Chlamydia

•    Gonorrhea

•    Hepatitis

•    Herpes

•    HIV

•    Syphilis

Not every test in the list above is indicated for every patient. Your healthcare provider will order testing based in several factors including your sexual history and presence or absence of symptoms. 

Worried About Your Privacy?

To maintain confidentiality, contact your health insurance company and ask that any “Explanation of Benefits” involving you be sent directly to you and no one else.

HIV Testing and Treatment

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. It can be passed from an infected person to another during unprotected sex, or through contact with blood from a person with HIV. Student Health Services offers testing and treatment options for HIV.

Before Your STI Test

If you are coming to Student Health Services for STI testing, please do not urinate for at least 1 -2 hours before the test. Females should not douche or use vaginal creams/medicines for 24 hours before STI testing is to be performed.

Costs for STI Testing

Appointments with Student Health Services health care providers are free, regardless of your health insurance coverage. However, you may be responsible for any co-pays, co-insurance or deductible amounts associated with labwork, depending on your health insurance coverage.

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