Application Information for New Students

Ready to choose Campus Living? Follow the steps below to secure your place in on-campus housing.

New UB students on the first day of classes.
South Lake Village Maintenance Project: Coming Summer 2025

South Lake Village will be undergoing a maintenance project during the Summer of 2025. This will effect your summer housing assignment. For more information, please visit the South Lake Village Community Page.

2024-25 New Student Housing Application is CLOSED

If you're still interested in on-campus housing, you can submit a waitlist housing application.

Step 1: Housing Application and Deposit

New UB students have the opportunity to submit their housing application including the $300 housing deposit after they have paid their tuition deposit until spaces are unavailable.

All students who complete a housing application and submit a deposit are eligible for on-campus housing for the upcoming year based on availability of spaces.

Step 2: Review Your Housing Options and Eligibility

The types of housing students are eligible for is determined by their high school graduation date (or equivalent).  Each housing type is for an academic year (late Aug-mid May) or full year (late Aug-late July) agreement. 

Residence Halls

All residence halls have an agreement length of Academic Year.

Bedroom occupancy can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the room type selected.

For the 2024-2025 year; students who graduate high school in June 2024 are eligible for these residence halls:

All students are eligible for these residence halls:

Second Year Housing

In addition to the residence halls, students who graduated from high school in June 2023 are eligible to live in Greiner Hall or Creekside Village East apartments.

Both of these options have an agreement length of Academic Year and a bedroom occupancy of 2.


In addition to the residence halls, students who graduated from high school in June 2022 or before are apartment eligible.

All of the below apartment bedrooms are single occupancy.

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Step 3: Think About Roommates

Reserving a Room with Friends

Students who wish to room together must select their housing assignments as a roommate group. The student with the earliest selection appointment time will select a room for their roommate group.

Students may form roommate groups before or during selection in the housing portal. Students will be notified when the roommate grouping process opens.

Pre-Assigned Students

Steps 3-6 do not apply to students who are pre-assigned their room space.

All students must be eligible for their desired living area and not already have a housing assignment. Students are strongly encouraged to be ready to adjust roommate groups in case your initial group size request is not available.

Finding a Roommate

As part of your application you will answer questions that will create your "Personal Profile".

Later, during the grouping process, you can use the Roommate Matching Tool to find someone with a similar profile to live with.

Step 4: Review the Selection Instructions

A step by step screen shot guide can be found below:

Step 5: Receive Your Selection Date and Time

Selection Appointment Time

New Student Selection Begins in Late June for the fall semester

The selection appointment time determines the date and time students can start the self-selection process. Times are based on the date of your completed application.

Selection appointment times will be sent to your address. 

If you do not choose a room during the self-selection process, you will be automatically assigned an available room. You will be notified by email if this occurs and your assignment will be visible in the housing portal.

Selection Dates and Times

Students may select any type of housing for which they are eligible, starting at their housing selection appointment time until the end of the process.

Students are encouraged to select housing as close to their appointment time as possible. If there are no spaces that you are eligible for at the time of your appointment, we anticipate that you will be able to select housing by early August. Spaces will become available throughout the summer for students to select. We encourage you to continue to login to the housing portal regularly to see live up to date information.

Selection Proxy Form

Not available to select your room during your selection appointment time? Use the selection proxy form to request Housing Services to select for you.

Step 6: Choose Your Room Assignment

You will select your room assignment by logging in to the housing portal. Beginning with your selection date and time, you will have access to the self-selection module. You do not need to login exactly at your selection time. This is just the earliest time you can access it.

Available rooms will be listed for you to choose from. Learn how to read the room descriptions with our helpful legends below:

Decoding Room Assignments