Late Applicants & Waitlist

At UB, we understand that students may miss the housing deposit deadline for a variety of reasons, which is why we offer a waitlist for on-campus housing. We encourage you to apply for housing even after the deadline has passed, since we are typically able to offer housing to most new and current students who are on the waitlist. 

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Why Am I on the Campus Living Waitlist?

If you are on a waiting list for UB official on-campus housing, it means that you did not apply for housing and submit your housing deposit by the deadline. As a result, we cannot guarantee you a space in on-campus housing. However, we will work with you to try and find space as it becomes available.

Apply for Housing After the Deposit Deadline

You can apply for housing at any time by clicking on the apply button for your desired term. If you apply after the deposit deadline, you will simply be placed on the waitlist. You do not need to pay a housing deposit if you apply after the deadline.

Contact us before you sign a contract with an off-campus landlord, since we may be getting ready to offer you a space on-campus.

Get Your Housing Assignment

We do expect space to become available. However, the exact number of potential vacancies is difficult to determine, since availability depends on the number of cancellations we receive. Waiting list applicants will be offered housing on a space-available and eligibility basis.

Assignments for students on the waitlist will begin in July.