Are you a current resident looking pull in a friend during the renewal process...or, a current student looking to pull in a new student for the next semester or year? At UB, we will try to help you get the roommate of your choice.

Pull-In Request

To start the process, the resident requesting to pull-in a roommate must have a vacancy (current or future) in your residence hall room or apartment and must complete the Pull-In Request form below. The student being pulled in must have an active housing application. All students must be eligible for the type of space requested.

Pull In Request Only

This form is only used during the self-selection process. It is for current students who are either renewing their space from year-to-year and want another current student as a roommate or current students requesting a new applicant as a roommate.  It is not used for room change request or roommate groups for non-renewing students.