Meet Your Community

UB is more than a place to live. It’s a safe, supportive and diverse community where students are encouraged to treat others with dignity at all times.

New students celebrating at the new student picnic before the start of fall semester.

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Our Pillars of Community

Our Pillars of Community principles are designed to create high-quality learning environments, promote diversity and ensure the health, safety and security of our residents.


A place where students and staff share goals and work together to encourage/promote learning on campus.


A welcoming environment that values a free exchange of ideas requiring mutual respect and consideration.


A place where the individual dignity of the person is honored and where diversity and equality are valued.


A place with clear community standards where individuals are accountable to themselves and to others in their communities.


An environment in which the safety and well-being of each community member is paramount and community members understand and value their interconnectedness.


A place that appreciates the differences, commonalities, traditions and progress of both individual and group accomplishments, and values each person’s contribution to the community.

Your Neighbors

Get to know the staff and resources available at your current residence.

Make Connections

Build lifelong friendships by meeting your neighbors at events throughout our residence halls and apartments!

How We Help You

Our staff lives here too! Learn more about what we do to support our residents.

Residence Hall Director (RHD) /Complex Director (CD)

  • Supervises Resident Advisors, Academic Assistants, and Community Assistants to ensure events and student activities are catered to your community needs
  • Oversees student conduct to help create a positive and safe environment. RHD/CD may meet with you when a policy is broken to reach a mutual understanding and discuss possible sanctions

Assistant Hall/ complex Director (AHD/ACD)

  • Supervisor for Resident Advisors, Community Assistants, and Academic Assistants by helping them determine ways to keep your hall/village a welcoming and inclusive community
  • The primary advisor for your Hall/Village Council, a student government body representing students on various issues

Resident Advisor (RA)

  • Undergraduate and graduate student staff members who live in residence halls
  • Have extensive knowledge of any on-campus resources that may help you achieve academic, personal, and professional goals throughout your college career
  • Live just a couple of doors away from you and can be on call for emergencies or concerns throughout the day

Community Assistant (CA)

  • Undergraduate and graduate student staff members who live in the on-campus apartments 
  • Ease your transition to independent living while maintaining a sense of community through educational, cultural, and social events
  • Available at the community building in your village for assistance and on-call for any emergencies

Academic Assistant (AA)

  • Undergraduate and graduate student staff members who live in residence halls
  • Help you navigate your college career through tutoring, mentoring, and specialized programs in their areas of expertise
  • Assist in determining what classes to register for to create curated events for upcoming exams and projects

Office Manager

  • Serves as a supervisor for Student Assistants and directs administrative support
  • Addresses lost keys or issues regarding custodial, maintenance, or mail/package services

Residential Life Leadership

Image of Meegan Hunt.

Meegan Hunt

Interim Director - Residential Life

Image of Chris Bragdon.

Chris Bragdon

Associate Director - Residential Life

Image of Amy Snyder.

Amy Snyder

Associate Director - Residential Life

Image of Mike Yates.

Michael Yates

Associate Director - Residential Life


24 hours a day, 7 days a week there is always someone who can help you when you need it. 

Find contact information for the staff in your building by going to the community page for your location.

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