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Parents & Family

Student and parents standing outside of Goodyear Hall on move in day.

At UB, parents and family are our student success partners. Together, we can help students achieve their academic goals and prepare them for life’s challenges.

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Why Live on Campus?

Students who live on campus are closer to class and faculty advisors. They get better grades and learn important life skills. And they have 24/7 support, from our trained resident advisors to our nationally accredited University Police. 

It's OK to be Nervous

The transition from high school to college (or from living at home to living at college) can be as challenging for parents and family members as it is for students. Campus Living has put together helpful information to help you make the transition as smooth as possible, and enjoy this milestone. 

Housing Just for Students—Only at UB

UB's residence halls and apartments are almost exclusively for students, so you know who your neighbors are. Off-campus apartments can (and do) rent to anyone.

Helping Your Student

Succeed Academically

We’re here to help your student get better grades and graduate on time. Students who live in on-campus housing have easy access to numerous resources, including Academic Success Centers in every residence hall, free tutoring (in-person and online), quiet study spaces and our unique Living Learning Communities.

Understand Their Responsibilities

Students should be familiar with the Guide to Campus Living, their housing agreement and other documents that they can find on our website.

Submit a Work Order

If something needs to be fixed in your student's room, apartment or common area, we want to know about it. Your student can submit a work order online for non-emergency requests. For emergencies, your student should notify any Campus Living staff member, or call 716-645-5440.

Health, Grades & Personal Info

The University at Buffalo is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of student educational records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). This means that we typically do not release personal information to a student's parents. Personal information includes:

  • Health status
  • Grades
  • Class attendance
  • Judicial information (housing violations, etc.)

If you have questions about your student's health, grades or other personal matters, the best way to get answers is to establish expectations through ongoing, open communication with your student. However, if there are family matters or other personal issues that you think we should be aware of, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Contact Campus Living

We encourage you to let your student address the questions and concerns they may have. This approach may feel different to you at first—especially if you are accustomed to helping your student on a day-to-day basis. But our goal is to help prepare your student for the “real world” by teaching them how to solve their own problems.

In our experience, most students appreciate the opportunity to be more independent and resourceful, once they're given the chance. Of course, if your student is not receiving the help that he or she needs, or if you have other concerns (including health and safety issues) that you wish to address with our staff, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Non-emergencies (general number): 716-645-2171