Staff Directory

Our professional, caring staff are here to help you. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, issues or concerns.


Apartment Complex Phone Director
Flint Village
716-645-5830 Hannah Torrance
Hadley Village
716-645-7725 Brandon Emerick
South Lake Village
716-645-5810 Madison Tuller
Creekside Village
716-645-5870 Jill Swanson
Flickinger Court
716-645-7906 Jill Swanson
Assistant Director for Apartments 716-645-7725 Michael Yates

Apartment Complex Offices are located in the Community Building for each area.

Residence Halls

Ellicott Complex South Phone Director
Fargo Office 251 Fargo Quad Building 4, Level 2 716-645-6102 Patrick Burke - Residence Hall Director
Porter Office 242 Porter Quad Building 4, Level 2 716-645-3969 Jordan Schutt - Residence Hall Director
Red Jacket Office 276 Red Jacket Building 4, Level 2 716-645-6104 Chelsea O'Connor-Rosiek
Area Office 123 Richmond
Building 2, Level 1
716-645-6304 Peter Smith -
Assistant Director for Ellicott South
Ellicott Complex East Phone Hall Director
Richmond Office 261 Richmond Quad Building 4, Level 2 716-645-6105 Joseph Grande - Residence Hall Director
Spaulding Office 277 Spaulding Quad Building 4, Level 2 716-645-6106 Kristina Collier- Residence Hall Director
Wilkeson Office 202 Wilkeson Quad Building 4, Level 2 716-645-6107 Bill Sokol - Residence Hall Director
Area Office 123 Richmond Quad
Building 2, Level 1
716-645-2011 Kate Burrow -
Assistant Director for Ellicott East
Governors Phone Complex Coordinator
Area and Hall Office 108 Lehman Hall Level 1  716-645-2135 Julie Moslow                 
South Campus Halls  Phone Director
Clement Hall Office 
Rm 101B Clement Hall 
716-829-3715 Kristina Collier - Residence Hall Director
Goodyear Hall Office
Rm 134 Goodyear Hall 
716-829-2481 Kristina Collier - Residence Hall Director
Area Office
119 Goodyear
716-829-3144 Chris Bragdon -
Assistant Director South Campus Halls
Greiner Hall Phone Director
Area and Hall Office
A wing, 102 Greiner Hall
716-645-8900 Ryan Spearer/Peter Smith

Administrative Offices

Campus Living Leadership Phone Title
Thomas Tiberi
716-645-2171 Campus Living
Michael Koziej
716-645-2171 Central Services
Sr. Associate Director
Brian Haggerty, Ph.D 716-645-2173 Residential Life
Sr. Associate Director
Vacant 716-645-5391 Facilities
Sr. Staff Associate
Mary Gallivan 716-645-2296 Campus Living
Sr. Staff Associate
Meegan Hunt 716-645-2173 Residential Life
Associate Director  
Jim Zielinski 716-645-2171 Housing Services
Associate Director
Nicholas Triplet
716-645-2171 Central Services - IT
Associate Director
Darcy Johnson 716-645-2171 Housing Services
Associate Director
Jessica Kane
716-645-2171 Communications and Marketing Initiatives
Assistant Director
Murray MacDonald 716-645-2171

Housing Services
Assistant Director

Shelia Pinckney
716-645-2173 Residential Education
Associate Director
Craig Orcholski 716-645-2008 Residential Education
Assistant Director
Dan Norton 716-645-2171 Housing Services
Assistant Director
Victoria Hellman-Koester 716-645-2008 Residential Education
Assistant Director
Frank Tierney
716-645-2008 Academic Initiatives
Jason Elliott 716-645-5394 Residential Fitness Coordinator

Other Resources at UB

At Campus Living, we can help you with anything directly related to your room or apartment. For questions about admissions, meals and other areas, please contact one of our campus partners.

Reminder: Submitting Work Orders

If you have a maintenance request, you can submit a work order online. 

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