Overcapacity Rooms

A limited number of rooms may be used in an overcapacity status for the fall 2023 semester. Rooms will be returned to normal capacity as soon as possible.

Potential Overcapacity Rooms

Room Location Room Room Type (Normal Capacity)
Room Location Room Room Type
Clement Hall CLE 203 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 230 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 307 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 324 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 403 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 420 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 501 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 603 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 617 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 704 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 717 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 803 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 817 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clement Hall CLE 904 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Clinton Hall CLI 101D Double
Clinton Hall CLI 117A Double
Clinton Hall CLI 117D Double
Dewey Hall DEW 101D Double
Dewey Hall DEW 117D Double
Evans Quadrangle EVA 308 Triple
Evans Quadrangle EVA 366C Triple
Evans Quadrangle EVA 421 Triple
Evans Quadrangle EVA 430 Triple
Evans Quadrangle EVA 431 Triple
Evans Quadrangle EVA 446 Double
Evans Quadrangle EVA 467 Triple
Evans Quadrangle EVA 469 Triple
Evans Quadrangle EVA 551 Double
Evans Quadrangle EVA 703 Triple
Goodyear Hall GOO E206 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Goodyear Hall GOO E406 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Goodyear Hall GOO E506 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Goodyear Hall GOO E606 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Goodyear Hall GOO E709 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Goodyear Hall GOO S206 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Goodyear Hall GOO S306 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Goodyear Hall GOO S406 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Goodyear Hall GOO S506 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Goodyear Hall GOO S606 SUI (4/1.0)-Dbl
Lehman Hall LEH 101D Double
Lehman Hall LEH 117D Double
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 208 Double
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 210 Double
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 212 Double
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 306 Triple
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 323 Double
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 391 Double
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 417 Triple
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 420 Triple
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 423 Triple
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 466 Triple
Red Jacket Quadrangle RED 693 Double
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 1067 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 207L Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 211 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 309 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 314 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 423 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 424 Quad
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 434 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 438 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 477 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 543 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 559 Triple
Richmond Quadrangle RIC 592 Triple
Roosevelt Hall ROO 101D Double
Roosevelt Hall ROO 117D Double
Spaulding Quadrangle SPA 1077 Triple
Spaulding Quadrangle SPA 206 Triple
Spaulding Quadrangle SPA 210C Triple
Spaulding Quadrangle SPA 215 Triple
Spaulding Quadrangle SPA 313 Triple
Spaulding Quadrangle SPA 486 Triple
Spaulding Quadrangle SPA 542 Triple
Spaulding Quadrangle SPA 977 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 1002 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 207 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 229 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 308 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 315 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 327 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 333 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 366 Double
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 372C Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 376 Double
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 409 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 425 Quad
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 426 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 427 Quad
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 440 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 443 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 466 Double
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 576 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 803 Triple
Wilkeson Quadrangle WIL 902 Triple