Application Information for Returning Students

Housing Selection is the process in which current UB students select their own housing for next year. If you are a returning student to the University at Buffalo for 2021-2022, you have the ability to choose the residence hall or apartment to best suit your needs online and in real time.

Must-Fill Areas

Must-fill requirements for returning student self-selection in no longer in place.  Room spaces may now be selected as individual spaces.

Selection Instructions

Housing Application and Deposit

Current UB residents have the opportunity to submit their housing application including the  $300 housing deposit between Feb. 15 to May 1, 2021.  

All students who complete a housing application and submit a deposit are eligible for on-campus housing for the upcoming year based on availability of spaces.


Within the housing application eligible students may renew the same space for next year if they apply no later than March 10.  If you do not renew your current assignment by March 10 the space will become available to all eligible residents during self-selection.

Not all spaces (e.g. first-year areas, specialty programs, etc.) are renewable and new roommates may not be pulled in during renewal. To select a residence hall or apartment with new roommates, you should participate in the general self-selection process.

Selection Times and Dates

Selection Appointment Time

Self-selection will be done in rounds based on the date of your completed housing application and the availability of spaces. Students who apply by March 10 will be included in Round 1 of self-selection. Subsequent rounds will be scheduled as needed.

The selection appointment time determines the date and time students can start the self-selection process. Times are based on the number of fall and spring semesters a student has lived on campus. The greater number of semesters on campus, the earlier the time will be. For students with the same number of semesters on campus, times within each group are randomly assigned.  Selection appointment times for Round 1 will be emailed to your address during the week of Mar. 15.

If you do not choose a room by the final round of the self-selection process, your housing application will be canceled and your deposit (if applicable) will be refunded.

Selection Dates and Times

Students may select any type of housing for which they are eligible, starting at their housing selection appointment time until the end of the process.

Round 1 Self-Selection

Selection Time Selection Date
Selection Starts: Monday, March 22
Selection Day Ends: Friday, March 26

Reserving a Room with Friends

Students who wish to room together must select their housing assignments as a roommate group. The student with the earliest selection appointment time will select a room for their roommate group. Students may form roommate groups before or during selection in the housing portal. All students must be eligible for their desired living area.

Students are strongly encouraged to be ready to adjust roommate groups in case your initial group size request is not available.

In Person Process

In the unlikely event that the online process is not operational, in-person selection will occur. Notification regarding the status of online and in-person processes will be distributed via e-mail to the student's “” account and will be posted on the Campus Living website.

Housing Renewal

Students may wish to stay in their same assignment for the upcoming year. If available, students may renew (select their current bed space) before general housing selection. This process can be completed within the housing application. If you do not renew your current assignment by March 10 the space will become available to all eligible residents during self-selection.

No roommates may be ‘pulled in’ during this process. If you wish to select on-campus housing with new roommates, you should participate in the general self-selection process.

Note, only certain spaces are retainable. Below is a partial list of rooms that are not able to be renewed.

  • Apartment Staff Spaces
  • All rooms in Governors
  • All rooms in Richmond Quad
  • All rooms in Spaulding Quad
  • All rooms in Wilkeson Quad
  • All rooms in Clement Hall
  • All rooms in Greiner and Creekside Village East
  • Certain rooms placed on hold due to gender or other configuration changes

If you do not renew your bed space by March 10, it will become available during housing selection.

Housing Options and Eligibility

The types of housing students are eligible for is determined by their high school graduation date (or equivalent).  Each housing type is for an academic year (late Aug-mid May) or full year (late Aug-late July) agreement.  During selection, students will be required to fill all available spaces in 'must fill' areas.

Due to current apartment residence renewing before the process, we expect there to be options available for groups of 4, 3, 2, and single applicants.

Residence Halls

Evans (formerly Porter), Fargo, Red Jacket and Goodyear

All returning students are eligible for residence halls.

Agreement Length
: Academic Year
Must Fill: No
Room Sizes: 1, 2, and 3

Greiner and Creekside East

Students who graduated from high school in June 2020 are eligible to live in Greiner Hall or Creekside Village East apartments.

Agreement Length: Academic Year
Must Fill: Yes
Group Sizes: 4

Apartment Selection

Flint, Hadley

Students who graduated from high school in June 2019 or before are apartment eligible.

Agreement Length: Academic Year 
Must Fill: Yes
Group Sizes: 4, 3, 2, 1

Creekside West, Flickinger Court, Flint Village 308 and 309, South Lake

Students who graduated from high school in June 2019 or before are Flickinger Court, Creekside Village West and Flint 308 and 309 eligible.

Agreement Length:
Full Year (Creekside; Flickinger; South Lake studio, 1 bed, 2 bed)
Academic Year (Flint, South Lake 4 bed)
Must Fill: No
Group Sizes: 4, 3, 2, 1

Housing Selection Forms

Proxy Form

Not available to select your room during your selection appointment time? Use the proxy form to request Housing Services to select for you.

Pull-in Form

Are you looking to live with a new incoming student? Complete the pull-in form if you wish to select a room during the housing selection process and pull-in a new/incoming student (student not currently attending UB) . If pulling-in a new student, they must have made a tuition and housing deposit by March 10.