Break & Summer Housing

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Whether it’s Winter Session classes, a summer internship or too far to go home, UB make it easy to stay on campus during break periods.

Important Dates

For the latest updates on opening and closing dates for residence halls and apartments, go to our important dates information page .

Break Housing

On-campus housing during UB’s break periods (fall, winter and spring) and Winter Session is typically available for students who have an academic or unavoidable reason to stay on campus. These reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • Class responsibilities (including Winter Session)
  • On-campus or local job
  • Internship
  • Inability to travel home due to distance
  • Athletic commitments

Please note that because very few students stay on campus during break, many services (including transportation, meal and mail services) are very limited during break.

If You Live in the Residence Halls

  • You have to request break housing
  • You can stay in your room (as long as you are approved for break housing)
  • There is no additional charge for fall recess or spring break housing; there is an additional charge for winter break and Winter Session housing

If You Live in the Apartments or Greiner Hall

  • You have to request break housing
  • You can stay in your room (as long as you are approved for break housing) at no additional charge.

Summer Housing

Living at UB for the summer lets you avoid the hassles of off-campus sub-leases and long-term commitments.

Early Arrivals

If you’re an international student or have other circumstances that require you to arrive before the start of the semester, you may qualify for early arrival housing. Learn more about early arrivals.

Live in the Residence Halls

Summer housing in the residence halls is typically available for: 

  • UB students and others who are registered for summer classes or approved academic activities
  • UB apartment residents in need of transitional housing
  • Affiliated participants, any short-term university-sponsored program or academic related activity
  • Students from other universities participating in Buffalo-area internships
  • Summer conference participants

If You Live in the Apartments

Apartments are typically not available for short-term rental. However, we do have limited space in some of our apartments. UB students may be able to sub-rent one of these apartments for June and July (not August). Please contact the village office for details.

Creekside Village
Flickinger Court
South Lake Village

Full-Year Agreements Available

If you live in one of the following apartments you will have a full-year (late August—end July) housing agreement, which allows you to stay for the summer.

UB students who have a current apartment agreement that ends in May and are starting a new apartment agreement in August qualify for a special summer housing opportunity in the residence halls. For more information, please contact

Summer Conferences

UB offers housing, classroom space, dining services and more for summer conferences.

Please see our Summer Conference page for more information