Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance men pose in front of piping.


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Submit a Work Order

* You must be on campus or connected to a UB network to access the work order system.

Need something fixed in your room? At UB, our real-time work order system lets you submit and monitor non-technology maintenance requests, 24 hours a day. Please be as specific as possible with your request so it can be categorized and prioritized appropriately.

What to Expect After Placing a Work Order

As work orders are received they are prioritized based on the information provided. The type of request will determine the expected response time:

Check Work Order Status

Whether you submitted your work order online or called our office, you can check the status of your work order online.

What is a Routine Request?

Non-emergency requests include:

  • Light bulb needs changing
  • Window blinds cracked or broken
  • Hole or crack in the wall
  • Electrical outlet not working (if you believe there is a fire hazard treat as an emergency)
  • Air conditioner repairs
  • Clogged toilet
  • Lock change due to lost key
  • Raise/lower beds
  • Pest control (unless deemed an emergency)

* You must be on campus or connected to a UB network to access the work order system.

What is an Emergency Request?

Emergency requests include:

  • No power
  • No heat (during cold weather)
  • Leaks
  • Flooding 
  • Running or overflowing toilet
  • Broken window
  • Failure of a door, window or security device to close properly
  • Bio-hazard clean -up

Emergency maintenance situations should be reported immediately. Call our 24 hour facility maintenance phone number - (716) 645-2025. You should also report the emergency to a Campus Living staff member located at an Area Office or Community Building.

Life & General Safety Emergencies

For life and general safety emergencies - please call UPD at 645-2222 immediately.

Wi-Fi Network Issues

UBIT provides and maintains the campus' internet connections. If you have questions or concerns about network connectivity contact UBIT directly.

Lost Key/Swipe Card Issues

If you lose your key or your swipe card isn't working, please report it as soon as possible, so we can fix the problem (and, for lost keys, change your locks if needed).