Understanding Your Agreement

Your housing agreement is a legal document that explains your rights and responsibilities when you live in official UB on-campus housing. We encourage you (and anyone who may be responsible for payments) to read the full document thoroughly. This page offers highlights from the housing agreement.

Your Obligations

  • You are responsible for the entire agreement period
  • If you do not check in to your assigned space by 5 pm on the first day of class, you may forfeit your specific room reservation. Learn more about late arrivals.
  • If you cancel your room reservation before May 1 (for fall housing) or Dec. 1 (for spring housing) you may be entitled to a full refund of your housing deposit; after May 1 (for fall) and Dec. 1 (for spring) only those students who are officially withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from the university for the upcoming semester will be permitted to cancel their housing agreement. Learn more about cancelling your housing agreement.
  • Some subletting/sublicensing may be allowed only in apartment areas where full-year agreements are required; sublicensing may be allowed with management’s approval only

Deposits & Billing

  • All applicants for on-campus housing are required to submit a $300 deposit or authorized deposit deferment at the time of application. The deposit will be applied to the housing charges on the student’s account as long as the housing agreement is not terminated
  • Housing-related charges will be billed through the Student Accounts Office
  • Room charges will normally be billed in two installments, once in fall and once in spring, each equal to ½ the yearly rate
  • Early arrival, break housing, room change adjustments and other housing fees will be posted as they are accrued

Early Release & Termination

  • If a student vacates a unit/suite/room, without the consent of Campus Living management, prior to the end of the stated term of this agreement for any reason, the student shall remain obligated to pay his/her unit costs for the entire stated term of the agreement. The agreement will not be terminated for the purpose of living off campus or in order to commute from home.
  • If a resident terminates occupancy during the course of a semester (as opposed to between semesters) due to a judicial sanction or withdrawal from the university, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, refunds of housing charges for that semester shall be made in accordance with the university’s tuition and fees refund schedule.
  • With the consent of Campus Living management, this agreement may be terminated at the end of the fall semester due to graduation, study abroad, internship, academic dismissal, transfer of schools, withdrawal or military service. Learn more about early release.

Rules & Regulations

  • Cooking is only permitted within kitchen areas. Note that personal microwave ovens and toaster ovens are strictly prohibited.
  • All visitors to any apartment/suite/room must be guests of students occupying the apartment/suite/room therein. It is important to coordinate with your roommate(s) and the resident/community assistant when planning to have a guest overnight. The host student assumes complete responsibility for any guest, visitor or invitee. Guests may not remain in the apartment/suite/room for more than three (3) nights in any given fourteen (14) day period.
  • Pets are prohibited in all residential areas. With the prior permission from the Director of Campus Living (or designee), animals used for health-related purposes are permitted. Learn more about special living accommodations.
  • The department of Campus Living does not assume any obligation or liability for loss or damage to items of personal property, which may occur in its buildings or on its grounds, prior to, during or subsequent to the terms of this agreement, regardless of cause. This includes but is not limited to damage, loss, fire, water damage, theft, flooding, etc. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase renter's insurance for protection against loss or property damage.
  • Students are not to use, or permit their apartment/suite/room to be used, for any commercial purposes whatsoever.
  • Waterbeds, halogen lamps, lofts and electronic self-balancing boards and scooters are not permitted in any on-campus housing facility.
Guide to Campus Living

Your Guide to Campus Living is a separate document that offers more detail in terms of your day-to-day rights and responsibilities. We encourage you to read it in its entirety.