Cancel Your Housing

At UB, we understand that your housing needs may change. Unlike off-campus apartments, UB gives you the flexibility to cancel your housing agreement if you study abroad or leave the university. 

Housing Cancellation Process

Students may cancel their housing agreement before the given deadline automatically. After the deadline, students must apply and be approved to be released.

Spring 2023 Application Cancellation Deadline

The deadline to cancel your housing agreement for spring 2023 is December 1.

There is no financial penalty to cancel your housing agreement as long as the request is submitted using the "Cancel Your Application" link on the housing portal by the appropriate deadline. If applicable, your $300 housing deposit will be refunded.

If you are looking to break your housing agreement after the cancellation deadline, you must submit a cancellation request.  Once a decision is made, you will be notified by e-mail.  Submission of a cancellation form does not guarantee you will be released from your housing agreement.

Generally, requests are approved only if you are leaving the university or in other rare circumstances. You are not allowed to cancel your housing agreement simply because you do not like your housing assignment, roommate, to move off-campus or you decide to commute from home.

Typically students are released for the following reasons:

  • Leaving the University
    • Withdrawing
    • Leave of Absence
    • Transferring
    • Graduation
  • Academic Reasons
    • Study Abroad
    • Academic Internship outside Western New York
  • Other
    • Military Deployment
    • Marriage (spouse moving to Buffalo area)
  • Health-related circumstances (supporting documentation required)
  • Financial circumstances (supporting documentation required)
Release Charges
  • All approved post-cancellation-deadline requests will forfeit the $300 housing deposit (or be charged $300 if the deposit was not submitted).
  • All approved end-of-the-semester applications submitted after Nov. 1 will incur a $450 early release charge.
  • All approved immediate release applications during the academic year will have their current semester's housing charges refunded in accordance to the university's liability deadlines. This may include the $450 early release charge.
  • Additional charges may be incurred for late apartment releases.
  • Summer housing release details are found on our summer housing website.
Room Changes

If you just need to change your room or apartment, please visit: Change Your Room or Apartment