Summer Application

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If you’re a UB student, our accommodations can save you money and let you enjoy your time here while completing on-campus summer requirements.

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Summer housing will be available to students who are taking a class, participating in research, or have other academic requirements. International students and those who consider university housing to be their primary residence will also qualify.

NOTE: Students with other summer requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Summer Housing Application Opens April 15 at 10 a.m.

Standard Summer Housing Dates

Earliest Move-In: May 27, 2024

Latest Move-Out: August 3, 2024

Students may select one move-in and one move-out date and a nightly charge will apply for the entire period requested. 

IMPORTANT: Students will be allowed to select dates based on their spring housing status and summer school registration. Please read the limitations below before submitting an application:

Transitional Housing

Moving Directly from Spring to Summer Housing

Students’ currently residing on campus who wish to move directly to summer housing will be offered the opportunity to select “transitional housing”.

  • Students requesting this option will remain in their spring assignment until Friday, May 24 when they are required to move to their summer assignment.
  • A nightly charge based on spring room type will apply until the move to Summer Housing.
  • Students requesting "transitional housing" should NOT request "Late Stay Housing".

Moving Out for Spring and Returning for Summer

  • Students who check out of spring housing and wish to return for the summer should answer "No" when offered "Transitional housing".
  • Students must select an “Expected Summer Arrival Date” of May 27 or later. This also applies to UB students not living on campus for spring 2024. 
  • For example, if a resident checks out of their spring housing after their last final exam on May 16, they can return for summer housing beginning May 27. 
  • Students choosing this option must check out of spring housing and remove all belongings by 5 pm on May 22.
  • Students currently living off-campus will not be offered the option of “transitional housing” and can select an Expected Summer Arrival date starting May 27.

Summer Housing Late Stays

Summer Housing ends on August 3 after the conclusion of Summer Session II classes. Students must select an “Expected Summer Departure Date” of August 3, 2024, or earlier.

Exceptions to the August 3 departure date – Available for Students residing in UB on-campus housing for Fall semester 2024 ONLY

  • Students registered for Summer Session courses ending on August 16 (ex. Summer Session III) may select an “Expected Summer Departure Date” up to August 15, 2024
  • If such students intend to leave for summer and return to campus for Fall Move-in, they must check out and remove all belongings by their “Expected Summer Departure Date”
  • If such students wish to move directly from summer housing to fall 2024 housing, they must select an Expected Summer Departure Date” of August 15.  They will be required to move out of their summer assignment and into their fall assignment on that date.
  • Exceptions to the August 3 departure date will be considered for extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis.

Apartment Residents with "Full Year" Housing Agreements

Students with “full year” housing agreements in Flickinger Court, Creekside Village and South Lake Village have agreements that end on July 31. 

  • If you renewed your 2023-2024 “full-year” agreement, you may remain in your apartment through the start of your 2024-2025 agreement. You should NOT apply for summer housing.
  • If you did not renew your “full-year” 2023-2024 agreement you must move out by July 31. Late-stay housing or extensions are not permitted. Contact if you have questions.  

Campus Living reserves the right to modify requested summer arrival and departure dates.


All summer housing will be located in Greiner Hall:

  • Due to availability limitations, students will not be able to enter location or roommate preferences.
  • Students will be assigned to the next available room and may be required to move at any time while in residence.
  • Assignments will be in double rooms (2 students per room, 4 per suite)


A nightly charge of $30.76/person will apply for living in Greiner Hall from “requested summer arrival date” to “requested departure date”.

For students approved to move directly from spring to summer housing (transitional housing), a nightly charge based on spring room type will apply until they move to Summer Housing.

For students approved to move directly from summer to fall housing, a nightly charge based on the early arrival rate for their fall room type will apply from the date they leave summer housing until their official fall move-in date. 

How to Apply

To apply, go to the Campus Living housing portal

  • Click "Apply" on the gray menu bar at the top of the page and follow the prompts to apply for summer housing
  • Select "2024 Summer Only" term and hit “Continue”
  • Complete the remaining steps, including choosing your move-in and move-out dates and reason for requesting summer housing.

Assignments will be completed during the second week of May and students will be e-mailed their room location at that time along with move-in/check-in instructions.

Application Deadline May 2

The deadline to apply is May 2.  Applications received after that date will be approved on a case by cases basis (space permitting).

Cancellation Process and Date Changes

You may cancel until our first transitional housing move-in date (May 22) for any reason without financial obligation. Go to the Campus Living housing portal and click “Cancel” in the gray menu bar at the top of the page. Follow all remaining steps making sure to click “Submit”.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to click on the correct application you wish to cancel (Summer 2024). DO NOT select Academic Year 2024-2025 as this will cancel your fall application/assignment

If after submitting your application you must change your move-in or move-out dates, e-mail us. Include your name, UB person number, and what you would like to change.

If you are looking to break your housing agreement after the cancellation deadline, or if after moving in you need to leave before your requested move-out date, you must submit a cancellation request using the same process noted above. Any cancellation requests after May 22 require a detailed reason for canceling along with appropriate documentation to be approved

Approved students who did not move into summer housing will not be charged.

Those who did move in and are submitting a cancellation request due to an earlier move out date will have charges prorated amount based on the date of check-out