Summer Application

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If you’re a UB student, our accommodations can save you money and let you enjoy your time here, whether you’re planning an early arrival, staying late or coming for a summer program. 

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Living at UB for the summer lets you avoid the hassles of off-campus sub-leases and long-term commitments. Even if you’re not a student at UB, you may be able to live in our residence halls if you’re going to summer school, completing an internship or participating in on-campus events.

Summer housing in the residence halls is typically available for:

Housing options are available on UB’s North Campus and South Campus, including:

Residence Hall Summer Housing

As a UB student (with an active UB Person Number), you can stay for one week, one session or the entire summer—you choose your move-in date and move-out date. Your student account is conveniently billed for the number of nights you requested.

Apply for summer student housing as a UB student if:

  • You are registered for summer school at UB or another approved on-campus activity
  • You are a UB student requiring transitional accommodations before the start, or after the completion, of your UB classes


May 22 to August 16, 2019


Goodyear Hall (South Campus) and Ellicott Complex (North Campus). Please note that the summer housing application requires you to submit a preference of location. Because of limited availability, your preference may not be met.


For North Campus For South Campus
9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Ellicott Area Office
123 Richmond Quad
(716) 645-2011
South Campus Area Office
119 Goodyear Hall
(716) 829-3144

Summer Rates

There are two types of rates:

  • UB students registered* for UB summer courses

Single room: $23 per person per night
Double room (with roommate): $21 per person per night

  • UB Students not registered for UB Summer course, but requiring housing for approved activities (ex. academic research, internship, campus employment, transitional housing, etc.):

Single room: $29 per person per night
Double room (with roommate): $25 per person per night

* NOTE: you must be registered for a summer course (at least one credit hour) by your move-in date.  Campus Living will verify registration status of all students.  Anyone not meeting the registration requirement will have their rate adjusted.


  • Deadline: The deadline to apply for guaranteed summer housing is May 1. Students applying after May 1 will be added to a wait-list. Students on the wait-list may be offered housing on a rolling basis from the time they apply up until their requested start date. Students who do not respond to their offer by the deadline provided will have their summer housing request canceled.


Students can cancel summer housing anytime up until May 1 without obligation. After May 1, students may only cancel with approved documentation. Click on the link to submit your cancellation request 

  • Students canceling after May 1 but before check-in must submit their form and upload documentation showing that they are no longer attending summer school or an approved on-campus activity. For example, if no longer attending UB summer school, attach a screen-shot from HUB showing no summer course registration. 
  • If students are "no shows" for their requested move-in date, we will e-mail them a reminder that they must complete a cancellation form with documentation noted above. We will not cancel/refund housing for students who fail to submit a cancellation form with acceptable documentation.
  • If there is some other reason for canceling while still attending classes or UB activity, we will consider other documentation relating to personal or financial issues. 

Summer Housing Application for Early Release (cancellation after move-in)

  • Students must be registered for classes or participating in an approved on-campus activity to live in summer school housing. If no longer attending classes or participating in an on-campus activity, students may submit a Summer Application for Early Release (AFER) form and upload valid documentation (such as HUB screen showing dropped/no classes or letter from program/activity official). Click on the link to submit your application for early release.
  • If AFER is approved, housing charges will be pro-rated based on actual move-out date. 
  • If there is some other reason for requiring early release while still attending classes or on-campus activity, we will consider documentation relating to personal or financial issues. 
  • We will not pro-rate housing charges for students who fail to submit an AFER form with acceptable documentation.

Changes In Requested Dates

  • Date changes are ONLY permitted prior to requested move-in by submitting a new application (we will assign based on the latest application submission date). Date changes are not permitted on or after the requested move-in date. If there is an extenuating situation (not covered by summer AFER process), students can contact Campus Living Summer Operations at

**Please review the Summer Housing Terms and Conditions and our Summer Housing Application carefully before submitting your request.

Apartment Summer Housing

Apartments are typically not available for short-term rental. However, we do have limited space in some of our apartments. UB students may be able to sub-rent one of these apartments for June and July (not August). Please contact the village office for details.

Creekside Village
Flickinger Court
South Lake Village

Full-Year Agreements Available

If you live in one of the following apartments you will have a full-year (late August—end July) housing agreement, which allows you to stay for the summer.