Summer Housing Application

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If you’re a UB student, our accommodations can save you money and let you enjoy your time here, whether you’re planning an early arrival, staying late or coming for a summer program. 

Summer Housing Application Closed

Campus Living is no longer accepting applications for summer housing. Please email if you would like to request an exception due to extenuating circumstances.


Summer housing will be available to students who meet any one of the following criteria:

  • University housing is your primary residence.
  • Must be an international student with no way to return home due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.
  • Must be taking a class or participating in research, or other academic commitment such as GA, that requires you to be on campus.
  • Must be registered for summer classes; and other safe living and dining arrangements cannot be made.
  • Must be registered for summer classes and have limited or no access to technology.

NOTE: If you feel you meet eligibility requirements and do not have access to the summer housing application, email with a detailed explanation of your situation (please include UB person number).

Application Support

Supporting documentation may be requested to support your eligibility.


Students may select one move-in and one move-out date from May 18, 2020 to Aug. 21, 2020 and a nightly charge will apply for the entire period requested.

  • Students’ currently residing on campus who wish to move directly to summer housing must select a summer move-in date of May 18.
  • Students wishing to stay in summer housing until the fall semester can move directly to their fall assignment on Aug. 21 and must select that as their summer move-out date (early arrival charges will apply from Aug. 21 until the official move-in day for fall housing on Aug. 27, 28 or 29).
  • Campus living cannot guarantee that requested move-in and move-out dates will be honored. For example, students staying the entire summer may be required to move from spring assignments to summer housing and from summer housing to fall housing on dates other than those selected. Due to uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, adjustments may be required for all applicants.


To support social distancing, summer housing will be located in on-campus apartments at South Lake Village, Creekside Village and Flickinger Court.*

  • Due to severe availability limitations, students will not be able to enter location or roommate preferences.
  • Students currently living in those locations may be allowed to remain in their spring apartments, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Students will be assigned to the next available room and may be required to move at any time while in residence.

* If necessary, additional locations may be added.


A nightly charge will apply for the period from requested move-in to move-out date. Nightly rates will vary by location and apartment type.

Location Rate
(Per Person/Per Night)
Creekside Village East $41.67
Creekside Village West $34.59
Flickinger Court $34.59
South Lake Village Studio $40.83
South Lake Village 1 Bed $42.86
South Lake Village 2 Bed $36.19
South Lake Village 4 Bed $39.40

Application Process

To apply, go to the housing portal and:

  • Click on the "Housing Application" link.
  • Select "Summer Housing" in the drop down box.
  • Complete the remaining steps, including choosing your move-in and move-out dates.

Assignments will be completed during the second week of May and students will be e-mailed their room location at that time along with move-in/check-in instructions.

If you do not see a summer housing option, you are ineligible to apply for summer housing.  If you believe this is in error, e-mail with your name, person number and detailed explanation of your situation.

The deadline to apply is MAY 1. We apologize for the brief application window, but conditions relating to COVID-19 have severely limited our summer housing process. Applications received after that date may not be approved regardless of eligibility.

Cancellation Process and Date Changes

You may cancel until our first move in date (May 18) for any reason without financial obligation. Click on the green "Apply Now" button at the top of this page, then click on the "Cancel Your Application" found in the gray bar at the top of the page.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to click on the correct application you wish to cancel (Summer 2020). DO NOT select Academic Year 2020-2021 as this will cancel your fall application/assignment

If after submitting your application you must change your move-in or move-out dates, e-mail us. Include your name, UB person number and what you would like to change.

If you are looking to break your housing agreement after the cancellation deadline, or if after moving in you need to leave before your requested move-out date, you must submit a cancellation request. You must provide a detailed reason for cancelling along with appropriate documentation to be approved

Approved students who did not move in to summer housing will not be charged.

Those who did move in and are submitting an cancellation request due to an earlier move out date will have charges prorated from date of check-out

Terms and Conditions
  • Due to COVID-19: university services will continue to be limited in support of density requirements. 
  • The "Addendum to the 2019-2020 Academic Year Terms and Conditions of the Campus Living Housing Agreement for COVID-19 and Social Distancing Expectations" will be strictly enforced to ensure the health and safety of all residents.