Students with Disabilities & Additional Needs

Student with disability navigates north campus University at Buffalo.

At UB, we are committed to providing on-campus housing that meets the accommodation needs of all students.

If you have religious requirements, disability-related needs or other concerns, we may be able to offer access to appropriate housing in one of our residence halls or apartments.

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Serving All Students

The University at Buffalo is committed to providing equal access to individuals with disabilities and a welcoming environment for all, regardless of religious affiliation or belief. Our Reasonable Accommodation Policy for On-Campus Housing guides us in offering safe, comfortable rooms and apartments for all students at UB.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy for On-Campus Housing

On occasion students require housing-related reasonable accommodations. In order to best serve all students, requests for specific on-campus housing accommodations due to disability or other reason must be submitted to the Housing Services office by the application deadline. This allows the Campus Living department to make modifications, if necessary, and offers the best opportunity that the appropriate type of space may be available.

Request for Accommodations

Requests for accommodations should:

  • Be accompanied by supporting documentation from an appropriate, qualified professional
  • Outline the recommended accommodation and rationale
  • Identify functional limitations that may impact the student in his/her living situation

Support Animal Documentation

Accommodation requests that involve animals require additional documentation, including veterinary records.


Please submit your request for accommodations in the Housing Portal by the appropriate deadline. Late requests may result in the denial of an accommodation not on its merit but based on the limited space available in on-campus housing. Priority deadlines are: 

  • Fall Start Applicants: (Returning Students): February 16
  • Fall Start Applicants: (New Students): May 24
  • Spring Start Applicants: (All Students): December 1
  • Summer Applicants: (All Students): May 1  


Decisions regarding on-campus housing accommodations will be made in consultation with the Office of Accessibility Resources on campus as necessary. Please be aware that personal attendants and individually prescribed devices will be the responsibility of the student.

No Pets—Except Fish

While some accommodations requests for support animals may be approved—pets (other than fish in a 10-gallon or smaller tank) are not allowed in UB Campus Living residence halls or apartments.

Available Space

Please note, there is limited space available in on-campus housing and late requests may result in the denial of an accommodation not on its merit but based on space available.

Notification to Appropriate Staff

As appropriate we encourage students to self-identify to the professional staff in their Hall/Complex once they have arrived on campus.  This helps to establish appropriate evacuation procedures, and notify staff of any other accessibility concerns they may have while living on campus. In some cases Housing Services may notify Hall Directors/Complex Directors and appropriate staff of accommodations requested in their area.