Celebrating Traditions - Oozefest

A Closer Look at the Muddiest (and most fun) Event On-Campus

Oozefest is one of UB’s most popular traditions and one of the largest mud volleyball tournaments in the United States, held each spring.

Celebrating 40 years of Oozefest.

"It's special because of the tradition and memories. I experienced Oozefest with some very close friends, and now look forward to re-connecting with them each year." - Carl, alumni participant since 1993

More Than Just a Mud Volleyball Tournament

Oozefest started in 1984, as a way to help students de-stress before exams and bring the UB community together. What started with 16 teams, has grown over the years and now includes over 1,000 participants that includes students, alumni, staff and UB community members.  Oozefest remains one of UB's strongest and longest traditions, and tops many students' "UB bucket list." So what is it about the Ooze?

It's good, clean, fun! Beyond the actual volleyball tournament, Oozefest also includes a costume contest for a way to win additional prizes -- and teams do not hold back their creativity. There is also a lot of strategy behind staying warm, keeping your shoes on and more -- bring on the duct tape!

True Blue: Oozefest 2022

As the second longest-running team in Oozefest history, with five wins, and three of those in the last three years, it's clear this gang is #UBTrueBlue.

Oozefest: A Tradition for the Ages

Oozefest has withstood the test of time. See what keeps people coming back.

1984 graphic.

Oozefest started in 1984, with just 16 teams.

Trophy icon.

Teams compete for prizes, including an award for the best costume.

UB spirit mark: blue bulls head icon.

True Blue spirit is alive and well during this messy event.

Sneaker icon.

Keeping your shoes on in the mud is always tricky -- many students use duct tape!

Firefighter with spraying hose icon.

The local fire department floods the fields with 200,000 gallons of water from Lake LaSalle.

Volleyball icon.

The mud volleyball tournament has grown to include over 1,500 participants.

True Blue Banner.

What makes you #UBTrueBlue?

Photo Gallery

See how Oozefest started, where it is now and all the muddy messes in between.