Students woosh around campus in a blur.

New to UB? Set up your tech.

Welcome to the University at Buffalo! Whether you are a new student, faculty, or staff member, it’s important to set up your tech. Get started with these six steps.

Illustration of young man in a UB sweater juggling several pieces of technology.

1. Get the right gear: save money

See our recommendations for laptops and desktops, and learn about educational discounts from Apple, Lenovo and Dell.

Illustration of a student gathering their UB Card and One-Time Password and logs into a laptop.

2. Activate your UBITName

Your UBITName and password will be your login for MyUB, HUB, email, UB Learns, the libraries, and much more. 

Illustration of a young woman looking at her smartphone as she lounges contentedly on a large padlock, symbolizing the security of her personal devices.

3. Set up Duo for secure logins

When you log into UB services, we want to make sure it's really you. From a laptop or desktop, set up UB's two-factor authentication on your smartphone or other device to keep your account secure.

Having any problems? Contact the UBIT Help Center.

Illustration of UB's Baird Point with our friends, the geese.

4. Get ready for our wireless and wired networks

Learn how to connect to eduroam, our secure campus Wi-Fi. Staying in a residence hall?  See how to register your Smart TV's, gaming systems and more to ResNet.

Illustration of a smartphone, deskop computer and a tablet, each exhibiting an email icon and a checkbox.

5. Set up UBmail on your devices

We will send important updates to your UB email address. Learn how to get it on your computer, phone and tablet.  

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6. Explore software and apps

Your UB affiliation comes with a ton of powerful tools to help you succeed, like Microsoft 365, UBbox cloud storage and Zoom. Available online, as downloads, or in computing sites.

Learn more about your services based on your role at UB:

Additional software, equipment and technical help may be available through your department.

To change how your name or personal pronouns appear in UB systems, please see Preferred/Chosen Name Guidance, Change your name in Zoom and Updating your UBbox profile.