UB's residence halls and on-campus apartments are equipped with Ethernet ports that connect you to "ResNet," UB's high-speed wired network. Learn how to connect and register your devices!

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Step-by-step instructions

Register your computer for use on the wired ResNet network in UB's Residence Halls and Campus Apartments.  

After you register a computer, register your gaming, streaming device, TV or printer to use either an Ethernet port or UB_Devices Wi-Fi. 

Common questions

I'm having problems connecting my computer or other devices.

What cable do I need?

CAT 5, 5e, 6 or 6e Ethernet cable.

Can I still use the Wi-Fi? Is it just as good as plugging in?

Of course you may also use eduroam Wi-Fi, but wired connections are faster, for many reasons (including distance from a Wi-Fi access point; the number of simultaneous connections to a Wi-Fi access point; walls, metal objects, and other sources of interference).

My computer is infected by a virus. What happens next?

After the first incident you will receive a notice from the Security Incident Response Team if your computer is infected by a virus or any other type of malware. You will have 72 hours to acknowledge the notification and resolve the problem. You may remove the virus yourself if you want. You may also schedule a visit with the UB Tech Squad.

If you receive multiple notifications you will no longer be able to connect to ResNet. You will retain access to the Web sites and resources that you need in order to fix any security issues. You may be given the option to fix the problem yourself or will be advised to get the problem fixed at a professional repair center.

Run Microsoft Defender anti-virus (comes with Windows 10) or install AVG Anti-Virus (for Mac) to prevent computers from becoming infected. Scans can also be run to find and remove viruses.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.