Request to Send Mass Email

Employees may request to send time-sensitive messages to large segments of campus audiences for some purposes.


Audience categories

UBIT maintains Listserv lists of all university affiliated mailboxes. There are three broad categories: student, employee and volunteer. Students are further divided into undergraduates (degree and non-degree seeking) and graduates (including professional students). There are no other categories.  Many but not all volunteer affiliates are paid and regularly come to campus. The data we use does not distinguish between volunteers that are regularly paid and those that are not paid. The mailing request form collects the data required to prepare and send a mailing.


Per the UB Mass Digital Communications Policy, approvals are required for all predefined list mass mailings.

Please forward approvals to

Appropriate Topics

Appropriate topics of mass digital communication include security matters, campus-wide policy changes, critical financial and administrative deadlines, natural disasters and critical administrative announcements.

Duplicates and Custom Lists

Please be aware that UB-affiliated persons may appear in more than one of the "Target Audiences" listed in the form below.

Some examples:

  • Person may be an employee and a student at the same time.
  • Person may be an undergraduate and graduate at the same time.
  • Person may be a volunteer with no other affiliation.

If the provided lists do not meet your needs for your mailing to a large segment of the university, you may submit your own list. A commonly used source of information useful for creating mailing lists is Infosource.

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Form updated December 2022.