Request to Send Mass Email

Employees may request to send time-sensitive messages to large segments of campus audiences for some purposes.

NOTE: Any email from us will be sent to your address.

Appropriate Topics

Appropriate topics of mass digital communication include security matters, campus-wide policy changes, critical financial and administrative deadlines, natural disasters and critical administrative announcements.

Duplicates and Custom Lists

Please be aware that UB-affiliated persons may appear in more than one of the "Target Audiences" listed in the form below.

Some examples:

  • Person may be an employee and a student at the same time.
  • Person may be an undergraduate and graduate at the same time.
  • Person may be a volunteer with no other affiliation.

If the provided lists do not meet your needs for your mailing to a large segment of the university, you may submit your own list. A commonly used source of information useful for creating mailing lists is Infosource.

Request Form