Computer Standards and Discounts

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Get ready for success at UB! Find out what kind of computer we recommend, learn about discounts on hardware, and discover programs for affordable Internet.

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Minimum Computer Recommendations for Students

We recommend Windows or Apple laptops or computers for academic coursework. Tablets or smartphones are also helpful for on-the-go note-taking and messaging. At this time, UB does not support or recommend purchase or use of a Chromebook.

Check with your department or school

Some schools and departments, including the following, have their own computer standards. Speak with them before making a purchase: Department of Art, School of Architecture and Planning, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), School of Management, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and School of Social Work

I need a new laptop

If your current computer is not sufficient for coursework or remote learning (for example, you don’t have a web cam), here are some resources that may help.

Purchase a computer with educational discount pricing through UB partners

UB students, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase computers with educational discounts:

Resources for students who can't afford a new computer

  • UB Laptop Loan Program: Apply for a semester-long laptop loan before the semester starts. Available laptops go quickly, quantities are limited.
  • Financial Aid adjustments toward a new laptop: Contact an adviser at 716-645-8232 or to see if you are eligible for a budget adjustment towards a laptop purchase.
  • Apply for emergency funds: If you are experiencing a hardship due to unexpected changes, contact the Students' Advocate for support resources.

I need Internet access

Students who live on campus can use ResNet or eduroam wi-fi in their room or campus apartment. If you live off campus, you need an Internet service provider to connect from your residence.

Internet bandwidth recommendations

UB uses a variety of collaboration and conferencing tools. To ensure adequate access to these tools, UBIT strongly recommends following Zoom’s minimum Internet bandwidth requirements.

Low-income federal discount programs

Some low-income households qualify for Lifeline, a program that can save you up to $9.25 off your monthly Internet bill.    

Low-income Internet plans

Check to see which providers service your area and which low-income plan best meets your needs.

Public Wi-Fi access points and eduroam access

Common Questions

Does UB recommend brands of computers, printers and mobile devices?

We support PC and Macintosh computers (desktop, laptop and notebook).  We do not officially endorse any particular mobile or printing device. We do not recommend Chromebooks. (Some schools and departments at UB have their own computer requirements and support.)

Does UB have hardware I can borrow for a short period of time?

The UB Libraries loan out laptops, camcorders, cameras, audio equipment, accessories, adapters, tripods, video gaming systems and games, on an as-available basis.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.