Launch Summer Accelerator

Use your summer with purpose

giant prize check.

Apply to the Launch Summer Accelerator, a 9-week program that gives you the tools you need to accelerate your venture.

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How does the program work?

Internship cancelled? Stuck at home? Worried about losing traction? You can still make progress on your venture or idea this summer by joining us for this virtual experience, which will provide you the content, contacts and coaching you need to move forward.

Selected teams will meet regularly during the week to work on and launch their venture. Teams will have access to:

  • Techstars national resources
  • Mentorship
  • Industry leader expertise
  • Founder roundtables with your cohort
  • Workshops - and more!

Teams that meet program requirements will also have the opportunity to compete for prize money at the end of the summer.

Don't have a venture, but still interested in using your summer with purpose? Apply as a free-agent and work with a team!

Dates and Deadlines
  • Program dates: June 3 through July 30
  • Deadline to apply: May 31

What's my time commitment?

Teams must commit to the full duration of the program; June 3 through July 30, 2021. 

Selected teams should expect to spend about 2.5 hours per week on virtual program calls and another 10-15 hours working on their venture. 

Apply as: 

  • Early-stage accelerator: meets once per week, Thursdays from 1-3 pm Eastern, Zoom
    • This is an amazing experience for students with an early-stage idea and/or students that are founder curious -- exploring the world of entrepreneurship. 
  • Established venture accelerator: meets once per week, Fridays, from 1-4 pm Eastern, Zoom 
    • Established Ventures are past the idea-stage and ideally have a pitch deck, executive summary, a logo, a website, social media accounts (Ex; LinkedIn and Twitter). Other activities that we consider to be “past” the idea stage include: working on a prototype, working on customer discovery, or building a business model. 
    • Have some form of traction e.g. early sales, MOUs, funding raised, customer interest, user base, etc.
    • Have demonstrated leadership in both executing on business or program operations and galvanizing support.
    • Have experience working with mentors or advisors, integrating feedback into their venture, and demonstrating coachability.
  • Free Agent, don’t have a venture but interested in using your summer with purpose?Apply as a free-agent and contribute your talent as a team member as part of the Early-stage accelerator program on Thursdays, from 1-3 pm Eastern, Zoom.

Who can apply?

UB's Blackstone LaunchPad is proud to host a new summer accelerator for undergraduate and graduate students as well as recent grads from the June '20, Sept. '20, or 2020 - 2021 academic year. We also welcome students from other WNY Colleges and Universities or Blackstone LaunchPad campuses to apply.

Eligibility: Any part or full-time students, and recent graduates. Participants will need a Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number in order to collect any prize money awarded.