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From intern to teammate, our students can make immediate impacts on your business. As one of the world's top public universities, our diverse student body is filled with smart, talented individuals ready to work on real-world projects, bring advanced knowledge or take on jobs and internships. We help you recruit top talent, coordinate connections and work with you to build brand awareness with our students.

Global Innovation Challenge takes on the topic of communicating science in a complex world in January 2020 in Hayes Hall. This is the second day of the annual competition and course is co-organized by Community for Global Health Equity, faculty fellows Drs. Katarzyna Kordas and Jennifer Surtees, Blackstone Launchpad, and UB Sustainability. Photographer: Douglas Levere.
Three fellows with UB’s Social Impact Fellows program working with M&T Bank met a branch manager in Buffalo, NY in June 2021. The fellows are students with the School of Management, School of Social Work and the College of Arts and Sciences who are paired with a local organization to create social innovation. Photographer: Meredith Forrest Kulwicki.


M&T Bank

We collaborate with M&T on strategies for attracting students, job seekers and tech stars to the region. Together, we co-sponsor hands-on learning opportunities that introduce our students to the company and, in turn, allow the company to meet talented future employees.

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Start a venture.

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Provide a real-world challenge that needs analysis and insight, sponsor an event that taps into groups of students to gain innovative solutions or find a student to conduct a research project on a company initiative

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New talent can spur insights to strengthen your business strategy and approach. Our proficient student body investigates progressive, complex problems in cutting-edge focus areas, including artificial intelligence, materials design, health and life sciences, business analytics and much more. We position talent regionally, nationally and globally to fit your talent acquisition strategy.