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We connect businesses and entrepreneurs to resources

Business and Entrepreneur Partnerships is the go-to team for companies and startups to connect and collaborate with UB.  Companies of all sizes work with us to accelerate growth, build teams, solve challenges and bring new products to market. Our connections make it easy for you to build or grow your business.

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Through our Centers of Excellence and business incubators, companies and startups speed up innovation through access to office and lab space, high-tech equipment, technology assets and expertise.

CBLS, Doug Levere.

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Companies across a wide array of industries innovate and grow by tapping into our broad range of services and support. From joint R&D projects to scientific services to startup support, we’ll help you find the right resources for your business needs.

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Companies who work with us save money, accelerate R&D, bring new products and services to market, create jobs and build talented teams.

In the Bonner Hall lab with Jonathan Lovell (right), with Biomedical Engineering, in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, in November 2021. Lovell is also a co-founder of POP Biotechnologies, which is a biopharmaceutical startup that works with vaccines. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

Our team is the connection between your ideas and UB

We’re a mission-driven team passionate about building collaborations that move innovation to impact in Buffalo and beyond. Here is where differences become our strengths, where scientific and technological adventures transform into profitable ventures, and where bettering the world becomes our life’s work.



Thank you for supporting life-changing innovations and the next generation of startups.

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