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Zuiru Lin (left), a medicinal chemistry major, works in the lab of UB Distinguished Professor Janet Morrow (right). They are photographed in a lab in the Natural Sciences Complex in July 2019 in connection with the Boldly Buffalo Campaign Women in Sciences and Engineering (WiSE) story. Photographer: Douglas Levere.


Francine Battaglia

Dr. Battaglia is the director of UB's Advanced Simulations for Computing ENergy Transport Laboratory (ASCENT). Her research explores issues related to the thermal sciences by using computational fluid dynamics and developing computational models, building energy utilization and renewable/alternative energy and exploring turbulent multiphase and reacting flow.

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Nirupam Aich

Civil, Structural, and Environmental Engineering

Catalytic nanohybrids for pollutant removal from water and wastewater systems, fate and transport of next generation nanomaterials through terrestrial and subsurface media, interaction of complex nanohybrids with the biological wastewater treatment, additive manufacturing for nano-enable water treatment, environmental and human health implications of nanohybrids and nano-enable products such as electronic waste

Barbara Rita Alevriadou

Biomedical Engineering

Cardiopulmonary physiology; Cardiovascular Disease; Metabolism; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Molecular Basis of Disease; Research Lab; Signal

Francine Battaglia

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Director of Advanced Simulations for Computing ENergy Transport Laboratory (ASCENT); Fluid and Thermal Sciences

Irina Benedyk

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Intermodal Transportation Development; Northern Sea Route for Maritime Intermodal Transportation; Modeling Competitive Behavior of Intermodal Investors; Driver Cognition and Human Factors in Transportation Trust; CAV Road Design

Glenna Bett

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Biomedical Imaging; Cardiac pharmacology; Drug Development; Drug Discovery; Electrophysiology; Ion channel kinetics and structure; Ion Transport; Membrane Biophysics; Membrane Transport (Ion Transport); Molecular and Cellular Biology; Molecular Basis of Disease; Neurobiology; Neuroscience; Stem Cells; Translational Research

Sreyasee Das Bhattacharjee

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer vision; machine learning; multimodal data analytics; pattern recognition; large-scale visual search and mining; big data analytics

Ann Bisantz

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Supporting human performance in complex systems, by modeling aspects of human-machine interaction and by analyzing and designing tasks, training interventions, and information aids and displays

Eleonora Botta

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dynamics and Control of Space Tethers and Large Flexible Space Structures, Active Debris Removal, Collision Detection and Avoidance, Spacecraft Dynamics

Kevin Burke

Electrical Engineering

Power and energy management; dielectric phenomena; pulsed power; insulation performance/reliability

Sabrina Casucci

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Health information technology and informatics, healthcare systems modeling, design and evaluation of healthcare interventions on patient and organizational outcomes, process and product quality improvement, simulation modeling and applications

Lora Cavuoto

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Physical ergonomics, biomechanics, occupational safety and health, workplace wellness, designing workplace accommodations for the obese and older populations

Huei-Yen "Winnie" Chen

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Human-Machine Interactions, Cognitive Engineering, Driver Behavior and Safety, Human Factors in Healthcare

Chong Cheng

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biodegradable functional polymers and nanostructures, new drug delivery systems, synthetic materials for tissue engineering.

Deborah Chung

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Materials science and engineering: multifunctional structural materials (self-sensing, self powering, and vibration damping); electromagnetic shielding materials; thermal interface materials (microelectric cooling); three-dimensional printing; dielectric conductors; interface-derived viscoelasticity

Timothy Cook


Self-assembly and characterization of discrete inorganic metallacycles and cages; energy harvesting, transport and storage in photo- and redox-active molecular materials. Polynuclear catalysts for small molecule activations of relevance to renewable energy schemes.

Ning Dai

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Applies environmental chemistry to address engineering challenges in water treatment, wastewater reuse, and desalination and to enrich the understanding of natural processes for the transformation of synthetic chemicals on environmental surfaces (e.g., soil and leaf)

Adrienne Decker

Computer Science and Engineering

Computing Education, Introductory Programming Education (CS1/CS2), Broadening Participation in Computing and Gaming, Assessment in Computing Education, History of Computing, Computing Education, Computer Games

Paul Desjardin

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Computational fluid dynamics; multiphase reacting flows; fire and combustion; fluid-structure simulation

Mark Ehrensberger

Biomedical Engineering

Applied orthopedic biomechanics, Corrosion and biocompatibility of metallic orthopedic biomaterials

Johnson Fadeyi

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Product development; product life-cycle management; multi-criteria decision making

Ashlee N. Ford Versypt

Chemical and Biological Engineering

To develop multiscale mathematical and computational models to enhance understanding of the mechanisms governing tissue remodeling and damage as a result of diseases and infections and to simulate the treatment of those conditions to improve human health.

Zhangyu Guan.

Zhangyu Guan

Electrical Engineering

Network Design Automation, New Spectrum Technologies, Wireless Network Security

Johannes Hachmann

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Computational chemistry and materials science; virtual high-throughput and Big Data; machine learning; electronic structure theory and methods; quantum effects in catalysis and materials; rational design

Luis C. Herrera

Electrical Engineering

Power electronics control; ​dc microgrid; power system optimization

Susan Zonglu Hua

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Bioengineering; Materials

Christine A. Human

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Soil-bentonite hydraulic barriers; soil mechanics

Ciprian Ionita

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Imaging; Cardiovascular Disease; Diagnostic Radiology; Image Processing and Analysis; Imaging Informatics; Neurosurgery; Radiological Physics; Vascular and Interventional Radiology; Vision science

Quanxi Jia

Materials Design and Innovation

Synthesis, characterization, and application of advanced electronic and energy materials; investigation of the processing-structure-property relationship of epitaxial thin films and heterostructures; monolithic integration of materials with complimentary functionalities for electronic devices; and exploration of superconductors and their applications to energy and quantum devices

Jee Eun "Jamie" Kang

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Evaluation of the infrastructure requirements for alternatively fueled vehicles; Impacts of autonomous vehicles on transportation systems; Optimization of paratransit services; Disaster operations management; Understanding rider preferences in multi-modal transportation systems.

Jiyeon Kang

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Bioengineering, Rehabilitation Robotics, Prosthetic Devices, Cable-Actuated Mechanisms, Intelligent Wheelchairs

Mark Karwan

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Mathematical programming, applied operations research, multiple-criteria decision making

Negar Elhami Khorasani

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Fire engineering; performance based-design, multi-hazard analysis, resilient communities, earthquake engineering

Eleni A. Kyriakidou

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Heterogeneous catalysis; nanoparticle synthesis and surface science, and the application of such catalysts to environmental processes

Huamin Li

Electrical Engineering

Nano-scale electronics and optoelectronics based on low-dimensional materials

Jiaoyan Li

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Computational and Applied Mechanics

Haiqing Lin

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Novel membrane materials for CO₂ capture from flue gas and syngas; antifouling membranes for water purification; understanding of polymer structure/property correlations in thin films

Jun Liu

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Advanced energy materials; Nano/micro-mechanics; Self-powered electronics and systems; Nanotechnology; Scanning probe microscopy (SPM)

Jon Lovell

Biomedical Engineering

Development of nanomedicine approaches to meet unmet needs in treating, diagnosing or preventing disease; Nanomedicine; Phototherapy

Fillippo Malandra.

Fillippo Malandra

Electrical Engineering

Internet of things; wireless communications; cellular networks (4G/5G); network performance analysis and simulation; communications for the smart grid; optimization; machine learning

Baishakhi Mazumder

Materials Design and Innovation

Chemical imaging through atom probe tomography

Hui Meng

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Biomedical engineering; hemodynamics and vascular biomechanics; advanced laser flow diagnostics; computational fluid dynamics

Viviana Monje-Galvan

Chemical and Biological Engineering

To characterize lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions that are relevant for lipid regulation and cell signaling processes in cancer and liver disease.

Sayanti Mukherjee

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Operations research and analytics, Energy resilience and sustainability, Climate change impact assessment, Risk analysis and uncertainty modeling, Economic impact assessment, Disaster risk reduction, Growth econometrics and disaster impacts, Risk-informed decision analysis

Prathima Nalam

Materials Design and Innovation

Tribology; soft mechanics; surface and interfacial forces; atomic force microscopy

Mostafa Nouh

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Structural dynamics; acoustics; vibration damping and control; smart materials; energy harvesting; metamaterials and periodic structures

Ifeoma Nwogu

Computer Science and Engineering

Modeling and Prediction of Human Behavior

Kwang Oh

Electrical Engineering

LOC (lab-on-a-chip); MicroTAS (Micro Total Analysis Systems); BioMEMS (Bio Micro Electro Mechanical Systems); SANS (Sample-to-Answer Nano/microfluidic Systems); nanobiosensors for bio/chemical/environmental applications; world-to-chip interfacing and packaging; single cell manipulation, sorting, and detection; microvalves; micropumps; microfluidic

Pinar Okumus

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Reinforced/Prestressed concrete highway bridges and buildings; Inelastic/nonlinear and shear dominated behavior of concrete; Low-damage seismic systems; Precast concrete systems for accelerated bridge construction; High performance concrete and innovative materials; Field monitoring and testing of bridges;

Bina Ramamurthy

Computer Science and Engineering

Data Mining and Data Science; Algorithms for data mining have a close relationship to methods of pattern recognition and machine learning.

Randall Rasmusson

Physiology and Biophysics

Biomedical Engineering; Biophysical Modeling; Computational Biology; Drug Development; Drug Discovery; Electrophysiology; Ion channel kinetics and structure; Ion Transport; Membrane Biophysics; Membrane Transport (Ion Transport); Neuroscience; Stem Cells

Javid Rzayev


Polymer and organic materials chemistry: synthesis of multicomponent polymers, self-assembly and nanomaterials, chemical upcycling of polymers

Uttam Singisetti.

Uttam Singisetti

Electrical Engineering

Advanced GaN and novel III-N devices for THz electronics; transport in III-N hetero-structures; novel devices utilizing new materials functionalities; energy-efficient, nano-electronics in emerging materials

Rohini Srihari

Computer Science and Engineering

Databases and Data Science

Jennifer Stamm (Haggerty)

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Robust vibration control, optimization, estimation of dynamic systems, data assimilation and Bayesian inference, robust convex approximation theory; life-cycle cost modeling, aggregate demand, supply chain optimization, tradespace exploration, industrial internet, integrated circuit optimization

Mark Swihart

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Synthesis and application of nanoparticles; application of chemical engineering science (chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, transport phenomena) to understand and improve processes by which these materials are prepared.

Letitia Thomas

Engineering and Applied Sciences

STEM education; social justice; social problems; sociology of education, race & ethnic relations, social networks & social capital; qualitative research methods; social media

Thomas Thundat

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Novel physical, chemical, and biological detection using micro and nano mechanical sensors and electrical power delivery using the single wire concept

Albert Titus

Biomedical Engineering

Bio-Inspired Analog Visual Systems; Bioinstrumentation; Integrated Sensors; Neuromorphic Visual Processing Systems

Marina Tsianou

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Molecular recognition, crystallization, self-assembly, interfacial phenomena, biomimetics, formulations. Materials: polymers (polyelectrolytes, biopolymers, associating polymers, block copolymers), surfactants, biomaterials, supramolecules, dyes, colloidal particles, crystals, cosolvents. Techniques: rheology, small-angle X-ray (SAXS) and neutron (SANS) scattering, static and dynamic light scattering, UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopy, conductivity, vapor pressure osmometry (VPO), surface free energy, electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA), atomic force microscopy (AFM). Broad impact: products and processes that improve the quality of life (health, environment).

Farah Vandrevala

Electrical Engineering

Material characterization; terahertz spectroscopy; and metrology

Alina Vereshchaka

Computer Science and Engineering

Computing Education

Qian Wang

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Freight System Modeling; Transportation; Planning/Travel Demand Forecasting; Transportation Economics; Travel Choice Behavior; Smart Land Use

Jose Walteros

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Applications in transportation, evacuation, logistics, and data association

Jennifer Winikus

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Engineering Outreach and Education, Data Fusion, Digital and Embedded Systems, Computing Education

Olga Wodo

Materials Design and Innovation

Silico studies of the morphological phenomena in engineered and natural heterogeneous systems with application to energy, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, and materials science

Gang Wu

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Functional materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion; electrocatalysis for renewable energy and environmental science; materials electrochemistry; batteries; fuel cells

Yun Wu

Biomedical Engineering

Engineering principles and design concepts to develop novel therapeutics and diagnostics (theranostics) for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other deadly diseases.

Jun Xia

Biomedical Engineering

Optical and ultrasonic imaging techniques to meet needs in cancer and neurological research; Sensors, Medical Imaging, Photoacoustics

Fei Yao

Materials Design and Innovation

Low-dimensional material synthesis and property engineering; Low-dimensional materials for energy storage and conversion

Xiu Yao

Electrical Engineering

Power electronics (Modular Multilevel Converter); microgrid control and protection; high voltage dc transmission; high voltage engineering

Yinyin Ye

Structural and Environmental Engineering

Environmental pathogen persistence and disinfection; Environmental surveillance of pathogens; Environmental exposure and human diseases

Leslie (Lei) Ying

biomedical engineering

Compressed sensing; magnetic resonance imaging; image reconstruction

Minghui Zheng

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Iterative learning control; high precision control; nonlinear/robust control with applications to robotics; autonomous systems; manufacturing

Chi Zhou

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping

Jennifer Zirnheld

Electrical Engineering

Dielectric phenomena; energy and power; multifactor stress aging; partial discharge analysis; systems of systems integration and engineering education.