Developing fully automated sequencing preparation for molecular diagnostics

Rheonix is a diagnostics company that makes robotic devices and assays to diagnose disease and detect food spoilage and contamination. Their platform technology is based around microfluidics, using disposable Rheonix CARD® cartridges that can perform multiple different kinds of chemical and biological reactions in one sealed unit.

UB BEP_Rheonix and Lab 11.29.18, Nancy J Parisi.

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UB BEP_Rheonix and Lab 11.29.18, Nancy J Parisi.
A lab run by SUNY Upstate Medical University and Syracuse-based Quadrant Biosciences, and operating in Farber Hall opened in April 2021. The lab greatly increases SUNY’s COVID-19 surveillance testing capacity and can process up to 150,000 saliva tests per week. Photographer: Douglas Levere.


Expedited diagnostic testing

Rheonix was founded with the mission to address barriers preventing the adoption of high-quality, sensitive molecular testing by making a simple, user-friendly and low-cost device. Using the company's proprietary CARD® cartridges, Rheonix’s Encompass MDx® and Encompass Optimum™ diagnostic testing systems are designed to run up to 24 biological or clinical samples through a fully automated series of reactions, simplifying assay protocols. The systems expedite a process that would usually take a skilled laboratory scientist hours of hands-on time and turn it into a hands-free process that requires minimal effort to set up and start.

UB BEP_Rheonix and Lab 11.29.18, Nancy J Parisi.

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