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RIA's neurobiological researchers

RIA is home to bright, passionate scientists whose work covers a wide range of addiction-related topics. They work in a culture of scientific and organizational support that nurtures creativity and research success.

RIA senior scientist Alexis Thompson, PhD with students

Our scientists work in collaborative research teams, both within and outside of UB, that foster interdisciplinary methods of exploring addiction issues.

RIA senior research scientist Samir Haj-Dahmane, PhD with student Katherine Evely

RIA offers opportunities for researchers and other professionals to develop their skills and knowledge through our postdoctoral research training program, seminars and conferences.

DXM (Cough Suppressant) Abuse, featured in Expert Summary 7

We share knowledge with other researchers, treatment providers, legislators and the public to aid understanding of addiction-related issues through regular news releases, seminars, conferences and our Expert Summaries series.

pros and cons of changing drinking

Our Addiction Treatment Services (ATS) is the only treatment program in New York State designed specifically for clinical research and plays a fundamental role in the Institute’s ability to test, apply and monitor innovative treatment strategies.

UB students shared
their research work
in addiction sciences
at RIA's recent
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