UB Addiction News

CRIA faculty members comprise a dynamic research community at UB who make news with their breakthroughs in studying the causes, consequences and biology of addiction.

CRIA Director Kenneth E. Leonard, PhD has been busy offering insight into alcohol use and abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic to various local and national media.

Reliably measuring recovery capital is the first step to advancing the science of better understanding how different sources of capital facilitate recovery.


While volunteering in New York City, UB addiction medicine physician Tildabeth Doscher sees its effects up close


In UB-led study at Hash Bash, frequent users reported low knowledge of, and substantially overestimated, cannabinoid content and effective dosages.


The association between marijuana use and insufficient sleep is especially strong for male and younger students.


Not quite, says a new study that highlights the discrepancy between cannabis enthusiasts’ beliefs about the medicinal and health uses of marijuana and the empirical evidence.


A UB professor and two alums are co-authors of a study in the New England Journal of Medicine that identified vitamin E acetate as a likely culprit.


UB historian David Herzberg says the government has tried to harness a profit-driven drug industry to serve public health before.