Click Grants Module

Click Grants is one of the six modules of the Pre-Award and Compliance System (PACS). The Grants module currently serves as the online system for developing and submitting an internal routing approval form for all sponsored funding submissions.

Features of the Grants Module that will be unveiled int he future include direct budget development, inter-module integration, and the ability to submit an application directly to a federal sponsor for most federal grant opportunities (System-to-System or S2S).



Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I not have the “Create Funding Submission” button?

This means you do not have full Principal Investigator rights. Fill out the form below stating you need PI rights and you will get an email back once your account has been updated.

Why am I not able to access a Funding Proposal that I started for someone else?

This means you didn’t give yourself edit rights before continuting to the next page.  Fill out the form below with the Funding Propsal number and you will receive an email once you have been added to the Funding Proposal.  For a detailed explanation on how to prevent this open the Funding Proposal Frequent Errors PDF above.

I already entered the budget into the Funding Proposal pages, why do I need to enter it in again?

There is a budget period page in the Funding Proposal SmartForms which is used only for tracking the project duration.  You should not enter the budget dollar amounts here.  Enter your budget information in the Budigets tab. For a more detailed explanation open Budget Frequent Errors PDF above.

Why can I not see the Project Attachments Page?

If you cannot see the Project Attachment Page, this means you selected Click Grants via Grants.Gov (S2S) on the General Proposals Information page question 3.0 Indicate how the forms will be submitted to the sonsor.  Instead make sure you choose Other or Adove Forms via Grants.Gov.  For a more detailed explanation open Funding Proposal frequent Errors PDF above.

Why does my budget section look different from the instructions?

This means you selected Full Details in the General Budget Information SmartForm question 5.0 Sponsor Budget Detail Level.  Instead select Per Period, Budget Category Totals.  For a more detailed explanation open Budget Frequent Errors PDF above.

Where in the routing process is my Funding Proposal?

In order to find out the status of your funding proposal or see the current pending approver open the Credit Routing Information page from the Funding Proposal main page menu.  For a detailed explanation on where to go open up the Combined UB PDF from above and got to the Routing Section starting on page 38.

Additional Assistance

If you have a grant specific question, you can reach out to one of our grant specialists. If it's more of a technical or general question feel free to use the form below.