Approval, Submission and Tracking

The approval process is necessary to ensure that applications are complete and accurately represent you and the university. Your department and school leadership must approve a proposal before SPS can submit it to a sponsoring agency.

The approval process helps estimate the resources, time and effort that would be dedicated to the research if it is awarded. It also keeps UB chairs and deans aware of their commitment to research projects so that resources are deployed effectively and in alignment with university goals.

Creating Your UB Approval Form

You can start the approval form process after you and SPS have completed your proposal budget. It's an electronic process that routes your proposal to the respective chairs, deans, and SPS specialists for their approval.

  • SPS cannot submit your propsal without all approvals.

Remember that the deans or chairs will delay the process until you have filed your financial conflict of interest form.

Reviewing and Finalizing Your Proposal

Sponsored Projects Services reviews all proposals before final submission. The following internal deadlines are necessary so we can help you ensure a complete application.  Please send us your documents:

  1. Five business days prior to the sponsor deadline - a final draft of your proposal (excluding your research narrative)
  2. Two business days prior to the sponsor deadline - a final research narrative
  3. After receiving your proposal, SPS will review it and recommend any final changes.

How to send your documents to SPS

  • If it is a proposal, please upload your proposal documents to the Workspace or Click (if you are submitting via the Click System-to-System method) and notify SPS that your documents are ready for review.
  • If it is a NSF proposal, please upload your proposal to Fastlane or and notify SPS that your documents are ready for review.
  • If not using Workspace, Click System-to-System, Fastlane or, or another online sponsor system then please email it directly to your proposal specialist.

If you have any questions, please contact your proposal specialist.

Submitting Your Proposals

Sponsored Projects Services is the authorized office for submitting your proposals on behalf of the university. We will follow your proposal through the submission process to ensure that it has been successfully received.

You can track your proposal if it goes to either of the university's most popular sponsors, National Institutes of Health (NIH) or National Science Foundation (NSF):

Completing NIH Just-in-Time Requests

Just-in-Time (JIT) requirements apply to National Institutes of Health proposals only. If after the initial review process, NIH wishes to further consider your proposal, then the agency will contact you for more information. These JIT requests generally require the following information:

  • Current Other Support for senior key personnel
  • UB IRB Approval
  • Human subject education for all senior key personnel involved in human subject research
  • UB IACUC Approval
  • Additional information as needed for your specific funding opportunity

Your SPS administrator will work with you to submit this information through the NIH Commons.