Research Expertise

Medical research laboratory with microscope, petri dishes, test tubes, and various lab equipment on counter.
  • Expertise in Artificial Intelligence
    The University at Buffalo is a national leader in artificial intelligence, from research and application to educational programs. UB continues to make strategic investments in people, programs and facilities to enhance the university’s national leadership in AI — including courses that highlight intersectionality between AI and education — to prepare the next generation of students for success.
  • Expertise in Biotechnology
    The University at Buffalo is a leader in biomedical and life sciences research, innovation and application development. 
  • Expertise in Semiconductors
    The University at Buffalo is a leader in research and innovation for the semiconductor industry, from manufacturing technologies to application development. UB is fueling breakthroughs in advanced materials and processes.
  • Case Study - AI at USPS
    Artificial intelligence technology enables efficiency
    Venu Govindaraju's work in handwriting recognition was at the center of the first handwritten address interpretation system used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS issued a contract to researchers at the University at Buffalo to develop the handwriting recognition technology. One year after implementation it saved the USPS 90 million by automatically processing, and barcoding for precise delivery, more than 25 billion letters. The 2009 Computing Community Consortium dubbed the project as “one of the most successful applications of Machine Learning for developing a real-time engineered system.”
  • Establishing Research Centers and Institutes
    Academic, discipline-based research is key to the university's mission. Centers and institutes are intended to serve the interests of faculty and UB by producing the highest quality scholarly work, an overriding objective that transcends other considerations. 
  • Forming and Funding Interdisciplinary Research Centers
    Academic, discipline-based research is key to the university's mission. Interdisciplinary research centers expand on that mission by addressing social issues and new learning from multiple perspectives. 
  • Research Centers and Institutes
    UB researchers discover new knowledge to solve problems and answer questions. With more than 100 active research centers, institutes and collaborative projects, topics range from the environment to evolving materials and technologies in applied manufacturing, and from big data analytics to addictive behaviors.