The LAF has a number of forms to cover common circumstances in a lab animal environment.  They include everything from animal care and movement to administrative services.

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  • Unassigned Animal Purchase Form
    If you wish to purchase animals that are currently under the care of the LAF use this form.

Purchasing Templates to use as a guide


All secondary chemical containers of hazardous materials, including wash bottles, stock solutions, carboys, etc., must now have GHS labels attached in order to be considered in compliance with OSHA regulations

  • Anesthesia monitoring/Surgery/Port-Operative Report
    This report must be used to monitor and record any USDA covered species during anesthesia and the recovery period.
  • Anesthesia Scavange Canister Labels
    These stickers can be printed on Avery 5352 mailing label stock for use on F/Air or Enviropure Canisters
  • Rat and Mouse Anesthesia &/or Surgery Report
    This report must be used to monitor any mouse or rat during anesthetic recovery.
  • Breeding Record
    This report must be used to record requisite statistics related to the breeding of laboratory animals.
  • Controlled/Non-Controlled Substances Request Form
    This form must be used when requesting drugs or other veterinary supplies from the LAF. Controlled drug requests must be signed by the PI or department head.
  • Frog (Xenopus) Surgery-Post Operative Report
    This report must be used to monitor and record any frog’s health during anesthesia and the recovery period.
  • Mouse Body Condition Scoring
    This reference will assist you in assessing the health condition of a mouse.
  • Monitoring Chart
    When experimental conditions are expected to lead to acute changes in an animal’s health a chart similar to this template should be developed to track such changes. This form should specify an action plan when severe conditions are noted.
  • Feeding and Watering Recording Log
    This log is to be used and posted in the Animal Holding Room whenever PI Staff feeds or waters their own animals.  This includes occasions when food or water are restricted or deprived as well as times when special diets or water are offered.

Husbandry Services

  • Animal Transfer Request Form
    Fill out this form when transferring animal from one protocol to another, or from one room to another.
  • Cage Card Request for Newly Weaned
    Fill out this form to request a cage card be issued and census begin on a newly weaned animal.
  • Rodent Import Request Form
    Fill out this form when importing animals from another facility/institution
  • Enrichment Checklist
    Use this form to indicate your preference for enrichment options for your animals.
  • Request to Export Rodents
    This form is to request an export rodants to another institution or facility.

UB Card Access

  • Access Request Form
    Use this form to request card access to any of the LAF facilities.
  • Key Request Form
    Use this form to request a room key to access your room after hours.

Occupational Health Monitoring Program