Click Portal: IRB and Managing Compliance

The Click Portal is a new online administrative tool designed to help researchers and administrators better manage grants.

On this page:

Click Portal IRB Overview

The Click Portal software integrates all aspects of grants management into a single system, including IRB, the IACUC, grants management, financial conflict of interest, research agreements and safety.

Click Portal is a modular system and IRB is the first component to be activated. Investigators and research administrators will benefit from this intuitive and easy-to-use system that should be more efficient and reduce approval turnaround times.

Beginning Nov.1, 2015, researchers and administrators can sign on using their UB credentials. Click IRB will contain instructions and the basics that you would complete and submit for:

  • Initial Review
  • Protocol
  • Consent form

Infrequently investigators will need additional forms that can be accessed on this website and submitted through the Click Portal.

Click Portal Training for Researchers and Administrators

As each module comes online, UB's Office of Research Compliance will provide training and support for investigators and research administrators. We will let you know about the training sessions when they are scheduled. 

The initial Click IRB training sessions were held in October.