Industry Sponsors

UB, through the Research Foundation for the State University of New York, is dedicated to streamlining the process of negotiating Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements and Clinical Trial Agreements with our industry partners. Our goal is to facilitate the timely start-up of industry-sponsored clinical trials involving our investigators.

We have partnered with more than 20 industry sponsors to create Master Clinical Trial Agreements, which minimize the need to negotiate contract terms for each trial. If you anticipate partnering with us on several studies, we encourage you to contact our Clinical Trial Contract Administrator because such an agreement can accelerate the process between UB and your company.

The Office of Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) is authorized to sign clinical research agreements that determine the terms and conditions for the university and its investigators.

Individual investigators, staff members and departments are not authorized to sign agreements on behalf of UB, its affiliates, the State University of New York, or themselves.

Please contact the Clinical Research Office for more information when cultivating a relationship with UB or finding an expert for your study.

* Please note, as a state Institution, it is not our policy to accept holdbacks.  

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