About Us

Envisioning and creating the next generation of technologies, processes and education.

SMART leadership.

From left to right: Co-Directors Kemper Lewis and Omar Khan, and Deputy Director Ken English.

Our Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies (SMART) community will help create the next generation of technologies, processes and education.

The challenges faced in our first two years have helped the development of a culture of community and shared effort.

smart advanced materials.

SMART affiliated faculty working with students on research projects.

Our Grand Challenge

Develop advanced materials, technologies and processes that enable the sustainable, data-driven, cost effective production of high quality, customizable products.

Challenges for Manufacturing in 2020

  1. "Near zero" production waste and environmental impact
  2. High quality customization
  3. Innovative materials and processes
  4. Broadening SMART materials to SMART products
  5. Develop design tools to support concurrency of operations
  6. Human machine collaboration