Fabrication Factory

fabrication factory.

The SMART Fabrication Factory is a prototyping facility whose mission focuses on developing collaborative research with industry.

About the Fabrication Factory

In response to SMART’s grand challenge to develop advanced materials, technologies and processes that enable the sustainable, data-driven, cost effective production of high quality, customizable products, the factory provides space and instrumentation to build full scale, testable prototypes. The factory contains a 3axis OMAX Maxiem 1530 waterjet cutter, a Universal Laser Systems laser cutter and an L&L frontloading kiln. In addition it has room to house architectural scaled projects.

Who is this facility open to?

Faculty • Staff • Students • Researchers at other academic institutions • Government and industry

Facility Information

56 Parker Hall, South Campus

Daniel Vrana
Email: danielvr@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 829-3510

Schedule a tour anytime! Email or call Daniel Vrana to set up your tour.


OMAX Maxiem 1530 JetMachining Center with A-Jet Multi-Axis Cutting Head

The OMAX Maxiem 1530 waterjet cutter is a large format machine capable of cutting virtually any material (metal, stone, glass, plastic, composites) up to 10’0” x 5’2” and up to 6” thick using a high pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive.

Universal Laser Systems ILS12.150D Platform

The ULS ILS12.150D laser cutting system contains dual 60W lasers and can process an area of 24” x 48” up to 12” tall (the machine is NOT capable of cutting through the full height but can be used for engraving up to 12”). 

L&L Kilns Easy-Load Front-Loading Kiln EL3048

The Easy-Load Kiln has an internal size of 31” x 31” x 48” tall and is capable of heating up to 2350 degrees Fahrenheit (Cone 10).