Thermal Imaging Camera

thermal imaging camera.

Key Features

25° Lens • 60 Hz • 320x240 • -20°C to 350°C
• w/ResearchIR Max • High Temperature Option (+1200°C/+2192°F) • laptop • tripod


This camera is portable but stored in 126 Bonner Hall

Who to contact:
Ken English
Deputy Director, SMART Community of Excellence
Phone: (716) 645-2683

About the FLIR Camera

FLIR A325sc is an infrared thermal imaging video recorder capable of taking image or video samples at resolutions of 14-bit 320 x 240 pixels with sampling rate of 60 Hz and precision of +/- 2%, with operating range of either -20 C - 120 C or 0 C to 350 C. The camera connects via Gigabit Ethernet to a a PC and requires FLIR's Research IR software to operate (the camera has an accompanying laptop with the necessary software).

The camera is capable of taking still frames or videos continuously, at set intervals, or starting at a specific time, with a several of recording options for longer duration videos or shorter and higher-frame-rate recordings. There is a focus option for close up or more distant targets, but no zoom -- greater image detail and be achieved by bringing the camera and included tripod closer to the source.

The Research IR software offers region-of-interest analysis, including time histories and temperature profiles along a line or shape. The complete thermal imaging set-up is ideal for measuring temperature changes or profiles over long or short periods of time.

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