Kemper Lewis, Co-Director, SMART Community of Excellence; Chair and Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, gave his professional perspective as part of a panel about Industry 4.0 at the Manufacturing Council meeting in July.

An article on the revival of architectural terra cotta in Metropolis Magazine features the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, a multi-year research partnership between UB and Boston Valley Terra Cotta focused on terra cotta facade prototype development.

By measuring gamers’ brain waves and eye movements, engineers could improve artificial intelligence for autonomous robots.


From analyzing the avocado genome to designing a stingray-inspired space exploration vehicle, here are some highlights from a year of discovery.


UB engineers have developed a dynamic gripper that mimics the adjustable grip of a human hand, an advancement that could improve industrial safety.


The idea behind the installation is to bring the sea — especially its plight due to pollution — closer to people’s minds.

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