Research Projects

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Long-lived Structures and Materials: Investigating Material and Construction Methods for Dry-stacked Corbelled Structural Systems

corbelled structure.

Faculty Involved:

Some of the oldest known human buildings are dry-stacked, corbelled structures, which do not require mortar, fasteners or reinforcement and eliminate the need for frequent construction. 

3D Printing Flexible Solid-State High-Energy-Density Graphene Supercapacitors

three-dimensional graphene.

Faculty Involved:

  • Chi Zhou (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
  • Gang Wu (Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Energy storage is the key component for creating sustainable energy systems. However, the ever increasing energy demand requires the development of next-generation, high-power energy storage systems. 

Zero Energy Adaptive Façade (ZEAF) for Energy Efficient Buildings

Zero Energy Adaptive Façade (ZEAF) for Energy Efficient Buildings.

Faculty Involved:

  • Haiqing Lin (Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering)
  • Jin Young Song (Assistant Professor, Architecture)
  • Jongmin Shim (Assistant Professor, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering)

Awarded first place at the Architect’s Newspaper’s 2017 AN Best of Design Awards in the research category, setting itself apart as a beautiful, minimalistic solution to a widespread and growing problem in cities worldwide.

Worker Fatigue Detection for Interoperable Co-Robot Safety in Construction

co-robot safety in construction.

Faculty Involved:

In construction, exertion is the leading cause of nonfatal injuries requiring days away from work (37 per 10,000 workers), and overexertion in lifting caused approximately 38% of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Noise Regulation in Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Towards Ergonomic Integration in Complex Warehouse Environments

Noise Regulation in Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Towards Ergonomic Integration in Complex Warehouse Environments.

Faculty Involved:

Small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) promise to revolutionize inventory management and materials handling in warehouses, factory floors, and construction sites (a multi-billion-dollar market potential). 

Aerial Robotics

  • Simulated flight dynamics of a flapping wing aerial vehicle
  • SLAM with aerial vehicles
  • Multi-UAV search
  • UAV rules for traffic control
  • Face tracing with MAVs

Gait Analysis

  • Gait analysis using smart insole
  • Ground truth information from Vicon via Nexus